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Thread: McD or Megaludis?

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    All very good points. I think vais post is spot on. Megaludis will be more consistently excellent next year but may not make the finals again like he did this year. If he gets a little more offense going against the top level guys he is only going to be tougher. McDonough will improve because he knows the rare air that being a 3x champ and 4x finalist puts you in. He also knows how important it is to his team for him to win another title.

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    Picking NCAA results is tough except for the rare, truly elite wrestlers. Nico had a great tournament and deserved to be runner-up. But if they wrestled that tournament next week, he may or may not be the runner-up. Some people perform at the top of their game and others not on a given weekend for whatever reason.

    That said, I think Nico could easily match his performance next year. And, he could fall short, even if he improves as I expect he will. There's such a fine line. Either way, I think Nico is a great competitor and will be better next year than this. I certainly wouldn't bet against him.

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