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Thread: Get rid of crowd shots

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    Default Get rid of crowd shots

    There's nothing I hate more than when a great match has just ended and the wrestlers are getting ready to shake hands and the camera man or producer decides that a crowd shot is in order. Who the hell cares about the crowd at that moment? Crowd shots are ALL THE SAME! They're not enlightening at all. I would rather see a close up of the losing wrestler's face when he shakes the winners hand and then watch his coach say something to him.
    We already know that part of the crowd will be cheering a whole lot and the rest will not be. Sheesh...

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    Well aren't you the fuddy duddy!! Crowd shots are great for people at home who can look for their friends in the stands. And why would you want to see the losing wrestler's face? Wouldn't you rather see the joy in the winner's face and see what his coach has to say to him? Or possibly see a friend in the crowd?

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    I mostly agree with quinn14, usually the losing kid just wants to get off the mat as fast as possible and the crowd (even better parent) shots are better but...
    I watched Megaludis/Sanders online. They kept the camera on Sanders after the match all the way until he got out of the gym. The footage was amazing as he went through the process of realizing his dream had just come to an end.

    If I remember correctly, the ESPNU broadcast did not show him as he left. I didn't realize the two broadcasts would be different. Did anyone else catch that?

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    I'm not interested in seeing my friends in the stands (I live in California so I don't have that many friends in the stands usually). The joy in the winners face is ok but usually always the same. The losers reaction is more fascinating for me. How someone reacts to loses says a lot about their desire and character to me. I don't mind a crowd shot between matches but most of the time they're these wide shots so even if you wanted to see your friends you couldn't because the individuals in the crowd are too small...

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