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Thread: DT Wants Dake!

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    Default DT Wants Dake!

    According to PSU announcer Jeff Myers on his radio show.
    03.22 The Goon Show Wrestling with Ironhead | The Goon Show

    Go to 44th minute and he says DT will wrestle at whichever weight Dake wrestles. Wow.

    Though the reliability of something called "The Goon Show" is certainly suspect.
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    Ok. I listened from the 38th minute and I'm right now on the 50th minute. I didn't hear what you said I would hear. But I know that Taylor has done just that sort of thing in HS. He moved up a weight to wrestle Collin Palmer from St. Ed's and beat him. I am willing to bet he'd do it for at least an all star tourney. I bet Dake would accept the challenge, too. Not sure if they would do it for the national title though.

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    I don't see how that would work if Dake stays down at 157.

    I can't see Cael being alright with displacing the returning 3rd place finisher at 157 just so Taylor can go on a vision quest to deny Dake a 4th title.
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    Lol at the vision quest reference. I just hope this match happens.
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    Posters on the PSU board are speculating that DT was joking (although not known for sure). I don't think Cael and staff would allow DT to go down to 157 for the season. I suspect both DT and Dake would love to try to rise to the occasion, but don't think either of them would artificially change their NCAA tourney weight class to do so. An early all-star match-up could be a possibility at one weight or the other. There was speculation about the Scuffle, but that's well into the season. But--both Dake & Taylor are competitors and I could see it happening in a 1-time event.

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    did someone say vision quest?

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    What if it's the other way around and Dake is moving up just to face DT? Would DT change weights or accept the challenge? I contend he accepts and wins by a td, but I don't discount Dake making the move. He's a competitor.

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    well the big thing is everyone is comparing David Taylor to JR 157 Dake. imagine bigger, stronger SR Dake with another year on his belt. you notice how much Dake has improved over each one of his years. if he did go up, i would imagine the competition being dead even!

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    If I were on staff at the NWCA I would be talking to both wrestlers and schools and trying to see what could be done to make this happen. Even if it meant finding a neutral weight like 161. They could even have it not be part of the normal dual, much like their matches that feature local athletes.
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