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Thread: Redshirts

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    Why in the world would Nico RS? Do they have someone at his weight to pick up the slack if he does?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBloodLion View Post
    I'd expect Morgan McIntosh to take a redshirt and Andrew Alton to come off of his at 149.
    I still don't know what to expect for Nico Megaludis. I could see it either way.

    And thank you Herkey for your completely useless addition to the thread.
    McIntosh will definitely redshirt; I thought I heard he may have surgery on the knee, though that is not substantiated in any way. I thought Nico would too but after that run at NCAA's they may reconsider.

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    I think there are two parts to the answer:

    First, what are the reasons to redshirt?
    Occasionally it is for academic or injury reasons.
    Sometimes it is because someone will have to sit behind someone else, so it saves a year of eligibility.
    The other thought is that almost any wrestler will be better, and have a better career, if there was a redshirt year. The wrestler is a year older, has an additional year of college practice and open competition, etc.

    Thinking of that last one, I'd say theoretically, it would be best to let every wrestler have a RS and then have the best possibly career. There are second order effects, however, (number of scholarships, filling needs in the lineup, etc.) and they would also need to be addressed.

    The second part of the answer is what is best for the team in the next 3 years. If they want Nico at 133, then maybe it would be good to give him a year to lift up and get used to wrestling the bigger guys. It would certainly help if they thought Martelloti could resume the progress curve he seemed to be on a year ago (as opposed to this year).

    The best looking two guys at the lower weights seem to be Gulibon (true frosh next year) and Megaludis. It seems really unlikely that Gulibon could go up to 133.

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    Or perhaps they are redshirting Nico to help make room for Andrew Long haha

    But I think BBL give a very good explanation behind Cael's logic behind a Nico redshirt. I too can see it going either way and since I am friends with Nico's best friend I should work my way into being one of the first people to find out.
    "I looked up at the scoreboard and I was like, I can't do math that fast!" - Ed Ruth

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    Bradley, Graff and Rutt will be coming out of Olympic Redshirts. 184 won't be getting any easier with him and Ruth in the mix.

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    A couple of questions about some coming off of RS's (in case any of you know):

    Where is Caldwell wrestling? I heard Nebraska for a while, and then somewhere else (?ISU).
    Where is Howe wrestling? Heard that Wisconsin people are saying it's definite he's not returning to Wisc. Is it Michigan after all?
    I'm wondering if Rutt might go up to 197 as well.
    Anyone know if Graff plans to return at 133, or move up to 141? With no personal knowledge, I'm betting on 141.

    I think you can pretty well bank on McIntosh RS'ing next year. I think PSU will not RS Megaludis this coming year, but will RS Gulibon. I don't see both Megaludis and Gulibon RS'ing. We don't yet know how good Lawson will be at Hwt (or even if he will get the job). PSU needs more than 149-197 to be well in the mix trying to repeat.

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    I think that most of these guys are coming off RS. I say that b/c I haven't seen them this year.

    Garnett VT
    Garnhart Wyo
    Silver Stanford

    Clark Iowa
    Lara OSU
    Galloway Pitt

    Trizzino & Dziewa Iowa
    Silver Okla St
    Neff LHU
    Melde New Jersey State

    Alton PSU
    Grothus Iowa
    Mincey Minney
    Salupo Lehigh
    Galloway Neb
    Baldwin ODU

    Greisheimer Da boro
    Napoli Lehigh
    Hess Lehigh
    Dieringer Okla St

    Hammond CSUB

    Cannon Buffalo
    Wright Mizz
    Weatherman ISU

    Lil Brester Neb
    Lil Rizqallah MSU

    Shiller Minney
    Lira Iowa

    Hanke Ore St
    Medbery Wisky
    Krumwiede Northern Iowa
    Longendyke Neb
    Gingrich PSU
    Delia Lehigh

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    Pretty long list, KR. Thanks. A couple of things--Salupo did wrestle this year at times for Lehigh so he couldn't have had a RS. Didn't Gingrich RS last year for PSU? If so, then this year was his RS FR year I believe.

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    I'm going to go ahead and flip out the name Chaz Gresham as a true freshman stud for Ohio University. If I'm right, I will quote this around this time next year. If I'm wrong, I will have typed too many other dumb things by then, for you all to remember this.

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