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    Ruth beat a better opponent in his finals match than Hatchett and he completely dominated him. I also think his weight class was tougher and he was on the same level of dominance as Taylor. I really think it's a toss-up

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    Based on prior years it seems to go to upper classmen and other than being a national champion not a lot of extra credit goes to the national tournament itself. Last year Jordan Oliver didn't win it and he was clearly as dominant as anyone else in the NCAA's last year. That said, I'd say Dake has the upper hand on Taylor and Ruth. How they deal with Molinaro is another question. 4 x AA, 2 time finalist, undefeated national champion, good guy, lots of heart, senior. Not sure. DC

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    Sorry, I forgot about Russell, wow, that's hard to do. I'm going with Russell hands down, no ifs ands or butts. One loss in 2 years, 2x national champion, and senior. DC

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    Quote Originally Posted by nlion91 View Post
    The award is supposed to be based on seven criteria: 1. Record, 2. Number of pins, 3. Dominance, 4. Past credentials, 5. Quality of competition, 6. Sportsmanship/citizenship, 7. Heart.

    I would say Taylor has criteria 2 & 3 locked down, but 1 is 3-way tie with Dake & Ruth, 4 has to go to Dake, 5 you could argue should go to Ruth and 6 & 7 are subjective. So it's not as much of a lock as many think. I could see Dake getting it too.
    1) Dake, Taylor, Molinaro, Ruth
    2) Taylor
    3) Taylor
    4) Dake
    5) Russell
    6) Russell?
    7) Molinaro

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    I'd be shocked if Russel got it this year, he lost to Stieber at Vegas.
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    If I were handicapping it I'd give these odds: Taylor 1:1 Dake 5:1 Ruth 10:1 Molinaro 25:1 Field 50:1

    I feel like Ruth's chances are diminished by the fact that he's Taylor's teammate. If he played for a different school, I'd give him 3:1
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    For what it's worth, I voted for Ruth.

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    You had to say that AFTER I posted my odds...
    "Whatever you are, be a good one." Abraham Lincoln

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    How do you get a vote? Who gets to vote on it? DC

    Quote Originally Posted by SetonHallPirate View Post
    For what it's worth, I voted for Ruth.

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