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Thread: Name this 4x All American

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    I agree, he didn't have a chance whatever he did, but possibly top would have provided him with less punishment!

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    (for at least a moment)
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    Yeah, I guessed it without looking!!!

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    In retrospect, it is kind of stunning to me that Dake was seeded 4th. Top 3 were Caldwell, Molinaro (already with a loss to Dake), LeValley. If he hadn't had the flaky loss at the end of the season, Dake would have been #1 or 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ban basketball View Post
    I'm going to rip this off from Seton Hall Pirate (he and I both defended his choice of going down) by saying, "Yes, the same guy who also chose NEUTRAL against Dake at the Southern Scuffle (I think that was it), and got taken down and beaten from that choice as well."

    Tough call either way, but hindsight is always 20/20.
    Ban--I haven't read ahead to see if anyone else has commented, but a slight correction. Molinaro did lose to Dake at the Scuffle, and did take neutral. But he only lost 1-0--no TD.

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    Wow! That is highly improbable. In Frank's defense, he could only wrestle the guys who joined him on the mat.

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    That is amazing. I think it shows how weak his weight was this year. He won a title without facing anyone higher than a 7 because the other seeded guys weren't good enough to get through. He had a super dominant senior year and would have competed for if not won a title even if there were better wrestlers at his weight.

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    I think most would agree that 149 was not the toughest weight class this year. But I'm not sure how which seeds he wrestled determines what weight class is tough. Most would agree that 184 was a tough weight class. But in the finals you had #4 vs #6. If Molinaro had wrestled Parks in the finals would that mean 149 would have been "tougher"?

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    I think that this is more of an interesting fact than a knock on Frank. He did all he could do this year to garner the #1 seed and then beat whomever was in front of him until he was the champ. I wonder if anyone has ever been a 4x AA without ever beating a seeded wrestler?
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