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    Cathell, Moser, Diaz

    Good Luck Boys!

    Make some Noise for your Home Town!!

    Nothing is out of reach!

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    To the even greater credit of those three you could have just said your high school since all three of them were teammates (Meade too) for one year.

    That was a fun team to wrestle against...

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    Good luck to Garnett and Rebertus.

    They're from my HS

    I'll be pulling for all the DE boys

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    pancake, I am sorry you are so right I did not mean no disrespect to them ISHOULD

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    of mentioned all the Delaware kids

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    Ubiquitous I didn't take it as disrepect,just wanted to throw out a couple more names. I think we will all be pullin for the boys from our little state.

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