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Thread: NCAA Upsets

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    Megaludis beats Sanders on try #3. Pretty big upset given the first two results. Now we'll see if he can reverse the results at the Scuffle with Perrelli also.

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    hats off to Dylan Ness. Dude has risen to the occasion. If he meets Molinaro in the finals, that Big 10 smile on Tank's face may come back to haunt him (Tank).

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    I think Perrelli has given Nico 2 or 3 losses this year?
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    (5) Mike Evans (Iowa) - highest seed headed for the pizzeria for dinner tonight
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    I would NOT like to send Evans out onto the mat in a pressure situation .Didn't he cost the Hawks the dual vs. minny ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snackem View Post
    They may yet meet again. I think Pena AA's this weekend.
    I think Pena AA's this weekend next year I meant to say.
    Quote Originally Posted by Flop The Nuts View Post
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    Joe Leblanc is the only #1 seed out so far...
    but three #2s & three #3s are out of the championship bracket.

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