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    A few years ago Boise State was making noise while looking as if they would become a top program. What happened? Did they have an exceptional group of wrestlers who have now graduated? Injuries?

    They had their run, is it over or just rebuilding?

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    Some graduations hurt and Chamberlain redshirted.
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    They also had a decent recruiting class that didn't pan out. Gutches transferred to SOU where he just won a national title (NAIA). Brian Owens has been battling injuries, he's a dark horse this year and could make some noise. Throw in Chamberlain's RS and they are down. I see Bacon being an AA threat before he's done with his career as well.
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    They've got a few guys with a decent chance to AA this year: Ivanov - I thought his chances might be better than 50/50, until I did the bracket; he's got a tough draw, Chriswell - talented enough, just got a late start this year, but he's coming on strong now, Swartz - just below the top tier guys at 184, unfortunately there are a lot of top tier guys at 184

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    Despite the fact that Chriswell is unseeded, he's a tough guy to discount given that he's already been an All American for them back in 2009 before he went off on his mission
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