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Discuss Matches you would most like to see at NCAAs at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Non-PSU & non-Finals 133 Quarters Colon vs Futrell 133 Semis Stieber vs Ramos 141 Semis ...
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    Default Matches you would most like to see at NCAAs

    Non-PSU & non-Finals

    133 Quarters Colon vs Futrell
    133 Semis Stieber vs Ramos

    141 Semis Russell vs Stieber rematch
    141 Semis Maple vs Marion rematch

    149 2nd round Habat vs Grajales
    149 quarters vinson vs miller
    149 quarters Parks vs Ness
    149 quarters Von Ohlen vs Nauman
    149 semis parks vs von ohlen

    157 quarters fleming vs welch

    165 quarters Abdurakhmonov vs Evans

    174 quarters lothouse vs storley rematch
    174 semis amuch vs perry

    184 quarters hamlin vs ihnen
    184 quarters leblanc vs loder rematch
    184 quarters bosak vs steinhaus rematch
    184 semis steinhaus/bosak vs leblanc

    197 2nd round Hernandez vs Powless
    197 2nd round byers vs kennedy
    197 quarters boley vs byers
    197 semis Wilps vs Honeycutt rematch

    285 2nd round telford vs gibson
    285 quarters Nelson vs Johnson
    285 quarters rey vs telford
    285 semis rey vs flores rematch

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    Default Re: Matches you would most like to see at NCAAs

    Here are some first round match ups that i'm really looking forward to:

    125 - Megaludis vs. Martinez

    133 - Nick Soto vs. Futtrell
    133 - McCormick vs. Carter

    141 - Kindig vs. Mangrum

    149 - Houdashelt vs. St. John
    149 - Peppelman vs. Bonin

    157 - Toal vs. Kokesh
    157 - Burak vs. Bekzod
    157 - Evans vs. Blevins

    184 - Loder vs. Grambrall
    184 - Rebertus vs. Dallago
    184 - Larson vs. LeBlanc

    197 - Burak vs. Campo
    197 - Meeks vs. McIntosh

    Above are the matches I'm excited about in the first round. Love this time of year...hope to see a few upsets.
    Here are the matches I really want to see:

    125 - McD vs Delgado Semi's
    133 - Colon vs Futtrell Quarters
    133 - Ramos vs Carter and, hopefully, Ramos vs Stieber...and maybe the ensuing fight after!
    133 - Dardanes vs. Schopp 2nd Round
    141 - Russell vs Mangrum
    141 - The lower half of the bracket involving Boris, Marion, Nelson and Maple
    149 - VonO vs Nauman
    149 - Ness vs Parks
    157 - Welch vs Fleming
    165 - Asper vs Onufer (I would love to see Onufer in the finals)
    174 - Amuch vs Perry and the winnder vs Ruth
    184 - stacked weight but a potential Steinhaus vs Leblanc semi would be great.
    184 - the lower half with a Wright vs Bennett and Bennett vs Hamlin would also be great
    197 - Boley vs. Simaz
    197 - Simaz vs Haynes (Haynes is a stud when he is on - see tech of powless)
    HWT - I just want to see an undersized Tony Nelson make the finals.

    There are some great potential matches and some great first round matchups this year (like every year i'm sure). Can't wait!

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