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Thread: Three and Four-time NCAA champs

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    Default Three and Four-time NCAA champs

    I've been aware for a long time that PSU has never had more than a 2-time NCAA champ--the only ones since I started following PSU wrestling in the 1960's were: Andy Matter, Jeff Prescott and Kerry McCoy. We're obviously hoping that the current team will get our first of many 3-time NCAA champs.

    I was looking on the Minnesota website and note that Minnesota has had 4 2-time NCAA champs but they've never had a 3-timer either.

    I know that Iowa, Ok St, Iowa St (and presumably Oklahoma) have had quite a number of 3-timers (and 4-timers in the case of Ok St and Iowa St). What other schools have had a 3-time NCAA champ? I can think of Caruso from Lehigh, Hubbard from Michigan, Kemp from Wisconsin, Ricky Bonomon of Bloomsburg off the top of my head.

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    Default Re: Three and Four-time NCAA champs

    Pitt had three 3xer's with Perry's

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    TJ Jaworsky, Barry Davis, Tom Brands, Joe Williams, Lincoln McIllravy, Jim Zalesky
    RIP Jacob Schlottke 1984-2011

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    Mark Churella Michigan

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    Multiple Time NCAA Champs - D1 College Wrestling

    3x NCAA Champions

    Jake Rosholt (Oklahoma State) 2003, 2005-2006

    Greg Jones (West Virginia) 2002, 2004-2005

    Stephen Abas (Fresno State) 1999, 2001-2002

    Eric Guerrero (Oklahoma State) 1997-1999

    Joe Williams (Iowa) 1996-1998

    Lincoln McIlravy (Iowa) 1993-1994, 1997

    TJ Jaworsky (North Carolina) 1993-1995

    Tom Brands (Iowa) 1990-1992

    Carlton Haselrig (Pittsburgh-Johnstown) 1987-1989

    Ricky Bonomo (Bloomsburg) 1985-1987

    Barry Davis (Iowa) 1982-1983, 1985

    Jim Zalesky (Iowa) 1982-1984

    Nate Carr (Iowa State) 1981-1983

    Mark Schultz (Oklahoma) 1981-1983

    Ed Banach (Iowa) 1980-1981, 1983

    Mark Churella (Michigan) 1977-1979

    Lee Kemp (Wisconsin) 1976-1978

    Jimmy Jackson (Oklahoma State) 1976-1978

    Greg Johnson (Michigan State) 1970-1972

    Mike Caruso (Lehigh) 1965-1967

    Yojiro Uetake (Oklahoma State) 1964-1966

    Gray Simons (Lock Haven) 1960-1962

    Larry Hayes (Iowa State) 1959-1961
    RIP Jacob Schlottke 1984-2011

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    Default Re: Three and Four-time NCAA champs

    Well, there you go.

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    Default Re: Three and Four-time NCAA champs

    Click here for more data

    NCAA Champs

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    Default Re: Three and Four-time NCAA champs

    Great time wasting stuff right there.

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    Thanks for that summary. So, if I count right there are 14 schools that have had at least 1 3-time champ (although I'm not sure that all of TJ Jaworksy's were for UNC; he started out at Ok St). Only 4 schools have had more than 1 3-time champ (Iowa, Ok St, Iowa St AND Lock Haven). Interesting that Lock Haven is one of only 4 schools with more than one 3-time champ.

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