I've been aware for a long time that PSU has never had more than a 2-time NCAA champ--the only ones since I started following PSU wrestling in the 1960's were: Andy Matter, Jeff Prescott and Kerry McCoy. We're obviously hoping that the current team will get our first of many 3-time NCAA champs.

I was looking on the Minnesota website and note that Minnesota has had 4 2-time NCAA champs but they've never had a 3-timer either.

I know that Iowa, Ok St, Iowa St (and presumably Oklahoma) have had quite a number of 3-timers (and 4-timers in the case of Ok St and Iowa St). What other schools have had a 3-time NCAA champ? I can think of Caruso from Lehigh, Hubbard from Michigan, Kemp from Wisconsin, Ricky Bonomon of Bloomsburg off the top of my head.