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Thread: why ex-wrestlers don't go to NCAA's

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    Default why ex-wrestlers don't go to NCAA's

    John Irving , speaking through TS Garp explains it quite well''I was as good as those other guys , they simply WANTED it more''.
    Personally speaking ,I wasn't willing to make the total commitment the sport DEMANDS. no drinking or chasing women all hours of the night . The 6 mile runs at 5 am , then drill for an hour -then actually go to class -then practice 2 1/2 hours -then stagger home to a box of mac and cheese .
    so to me , the NCAA's are akin to Valhalla -the true warriors may attend -we cowards stay at home and wonder ''what might have been ''.
    You know, I think I would rather be a man than a god . We don't need anyone to believe in us. We just keep going anyhow. It's what we do.

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    Default Re: why ex-wrestlers don't go to NCAA's

    I was thinking about this recently. I think the main reason is that life gets in the way. After years and years of being consumed with the sport when its over its over and other things just take priority. Lack of money, and lack of vacation also can get in the way for those newly in the work force. For me personally I started coaching high school wrestling and I was totally wrapped up in that, college wrestling kind of fell by the wayside. A year in South Korea, then another 2 years coaching high school and then marriage to someone who didn't know me when I wrestled and 2 years turned into 20. I am just now 27 years out of college starting to really get into college wrestling again. Time flies!

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    For about 10 years after I stopped wrestling, I couldn't even think about it without making myself sick for "not living up to my potential". I didn't see a single match or even follow my old team for a very long time. It wasn't until my son started wrestling that I started following it again. Can't say enough about how much I respect these athletes that will be competing this weekend. They're all already winners in my eyes.

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    I've followed it closely for the past nearly 40 years post-graduation. Circumstances have only allowed me to attend about 1 NCAA's per decade, but those are special memories. The internet makes it a lot easier to follow. I can remember many NCAA's making long-distance overseas calls at $7/min to a local radio station to find out results after each session. SO much easier now (and cheaper). But nothing's like being there. Have a great time those of you who can see it live!!!

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