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Thread: Meanest looking wrestlers

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    David Taylor always looks like he's just about ready to bust out Ave Maria in falsetto.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TomWright25 View Post
    I was going to mention Taylor too (an obvious choice). Taylor reminds me in this way kind of like a former PSU wrestler, Jimmy Martin. He had such a baby face, and not an imposing build at all. But boy, was he tough (4-time AA, and 1-time NCAA champ)! One other even older former PSU wrestler that my fit the category was Andy Matter. He did not look strong at all, very slender build. But boy could he pull off throws. He also had kind of a baby face. Should have been a 3-time NCAA champ (out of 3 years, as freshmen weren't eligible back then).
    Martin still has a baby face. Being an orthopedic surgeon now, it gives a very Doogie Howser impression.

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