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Quinn--I'll share my little bit of knowledge (ignorance) so someone can correct me and you won't feel alone. My understanding is:

Championship scoring:

pigtail winners: 1pt + bonus
Rd of 32 2pts + bonus (unless they won a pigtail--then 1+bonus)
Rd of 16 1pt + bonus
Quarters 7 pts + bonus (at least 6th guaranteed)
Semis: 7 pts + bonus (at least 2nd guaranteed)
Finals 4 pts + bonus (no advancement points for final placing bouts)

Wrestleback scoring:
pigtail: .5 pt + bonus
1st rd: 1 pt + bonus (.5 + bonus if won pigtail)
2nd rd: .5 pt + bonus
3rd rd: .5 pt + bonus
4th rd 3.5pts + bonus (at least 8th guaranteed)
5th rd 3.5 pts + bonus (at least 6th guaranteed)
Semis: 3.5 pts + bonus (at least 4th guaranteed)
Finals for 3rd/5th/7th: 1 pt + bonus

Bonus pts: 1 pt-major; 1.5 pts-tech fall (if back pts) 2 pts--fall, dq, fft, dft
Thank you!!