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Thread: TDR to Broadcast NCAA D1 Championships

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    Takedown Wrestling Radio to Broadcast
    NCAA Championships LIVE from St. Louis, Missouri

    The Brute adidas Studios of Takedown Wrestling Radio will hit the road again this week to help draw the season to a close. America's Wrestling Radio heads to the Arch and St. Louis, Missouri for the NCAA D1 Championships of Collegiate Wrestling.

    After broadcasting over 1000 hours of wrestling radio again this year and hundreds of interviews we are fully prepared to give to you the best coverage of this momentous event. This truly world wide broadcast is available to all of our armed forces as well as you the wrestling fans here state side.

    We've assembled a great broadcast team again this year. Join TDR Found Scott Casber, Steve Foster, J. Carl Guymon, Adam Frey and Caleb Nemmers for our 12th annual salute to wrestling excellence. Tune in to, click the listen Live button, register for free at, sit back and enjoy. You won't need to send in $1.00 for any of the time you share listening.

    TDR's Broadcast Schedule- NCAA Championships

    Session 1 10:30 AM
    Session 2 6:00 PM

    Session 3 9:30 AM
    4:00 PM Live on stage in the NCAA Fan Experience TDR's Scott Casber joins Wade Schalles and Ken Chertow for the NCAA Semi Finals Show.
    This program will be video taped for future airing.
    Session 4 5:30 PM

    Session 4 9:00 AM Radio and Internet
    Session 6 5:30 PM

    We don't take the opportunity to thank the fans of this sport enough. Simply put, Thank you for helping to make this, our 12th year a huge success. We enjoy what we do. We love this sport as much as you do and appreciate the unique opportunity we have as the Broadcast Leader to present it to you from all levels and from around the country. A special thanks to our sponsors including the St. Louis Sports Commission who help us keep our broadcasts free of charge.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Hey Chad give me a call will ya? You know my cell right? personal email is shoot now everyone knows it. LOL
    call when you can

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    will do Scott. Call you tomorrow.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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