125-McD's draw is fine. He's the best guy in the tournament. He'll face his toughest match up in the semis(imo). Delgado has already lost to Bedelyon this year, so he might not get there.

133-I like Ramos' draw to the semis. He will beat Carter again in the quarters. Dardanes is in Logans quarter, so we can hope he knocks off Logan and we see Dardanes in the Semis. If Ramos loses in the Semis I like him to win his next match and wrestle for 3rd.

141-Tough Quarter for Montell. Novachkov is super tough and will be quite the task for Montell. He could give Montell trouble on top, and he's tough to score on(especially when Montells wrestling cautiously). If Montell makes the semis he'll have Maple(presumably) I think Montell can win that match. We all know with Montell what he is capable of, sky is the limit. Draws are irrelevant really for him, it's which Montell we see.

157-DSJ's draw is tough right out of the gate. It's not so much the concern of him losing(which I don't foresee barring a re-injury) it's the lack of opportunity for bonus points. If he continues to improve he will see Dake in the finals.

165-Ouch. Worst case scenario for Evans. As it was mentioned before, he'd be much better off on the bottom side with a 6 seed, but 5 is what he earned. He's got Bekzod in his quarter who majored him. If somehow he can beat him, he'll have another guy who majored him. Not ideal for Mike. If he loses in R12, he'll probably have Yates, who has been good all year(thou gh Mike majored him). So we should feel confident that he will get on the podium, just not as high as we might have hoped. Crashing the semis is best case scenario.

174-On the flip side Ethens draw looks good. He has a very winnable quarter, and making the semis would be quite the accomplishment considering his season. Nobody is touching Ruth this year. If he can get to the semis and wrestle to seed it's been a good season for Ethen.

184-Someone mentioned they liked Grants draw, and I can't say I understand why. Loder is a brutal round 1 match. If Grant beats him, sure it smooths out a bit with Trotman, but Leblanc will be formidable as always. That's just his path to the semis. If he's on like last year this is possible, but at this time last year we werent talking about how he had just lost to Tony Dallago, we were talking about how he had just majored him.

285-Mediocre draw for big Bobby, but having Rey in his quarter is not good. That match alone will set the sport back years for how boring it will be from neutral. If he loses to Rey it looks like he'll have Tucker Lane in his R12 match, and I like Bobby to get revenge and get on the podium.

Very ho-hum draw for the hawks. It will take every guy wrestling to their potential to win. Let's hope it happens.