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Thread: 4-Time B1G Champs

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    Kellen Russell became the 11th four-time B1G Champ...Who was the last to do it (maybe Cole Konrad? Or did he lose 1 to Rowlands?)...During the broadcast they named 3, as they are current B1G coaches (Brands, Goldman, Heffernan)...Can anyone enlighten me on the rest? What a great accomplishment for Russell, considering that the conference has been loaded with great 141's the last few years (I think at one point last season the Top 5 ranked in the country were all B1G guys- Russell, Marion, Thorn, Kennedy, Alton), and that Russell didn't take a red-shirt until after his sophomore season.

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    Verne Gagne, MINN - 1944 (175), 1947 (HWT), 1948 (191),1949 (HWT)
    Arnold Plaza, PUR - 1947, 1949-50 (121), 1948 (114 1/2)
    Joe Scarpello, IOWA - 1947-48-49-50 (175)
    Tom Milkovich, MSU - 1970-71 (134), 1972-73 (142)
    Mike DeAnna, IOWA - 1977-78-79-81 (167)
    Ed Banach, IOWA - 1980-81-82 (177), 1983 (190)
    Barry Davis, IOWA - 1981-82, (118), 1983-85 (126)
    Duane Goldman, IOWA - 1983-84 (177), 1985-86 (190)
    Jim Heffernan, IOWA - 1983-85-86-87 (155)
    Mark Ironside, IOWA - 1995-96-97-98 (134)

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    I seem to recall thinking that Ironside went to a JUCO before going to Iowa, am I crazy?

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    Gantry yes you are crazy. Ironside obviously wrestled at Iowa like hootie posted.

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    I blame society...

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    Russell is the first non-Iowa wrestler to do it since 1973. I agree that he's had to do it against some pretty tough competition, especially last year when you had Thorn, Kennedy and Alton added to the mix (which collectively I think is stronger than H Stieber, Dardanes and Sueflohn).

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    I am more amazed that for 10 years Gable had a 4x B1G Champ always in the works if not more.

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    Thanks Hootie for the information great stuff always looking for more wrestling data although my mind is fried trying to remember all this.

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    For his first two titles the conference had the eventual National Champion (Jaggers) at the weight.

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