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Thread: NCAA possible at-large bids

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    With it being streamlined this year to 4 at-large spots per weight class, who are the wrestlers that we think might be eligible for one?

    I posted this yesterday in the ACC thread as the ones from there that might have a shot, depending on how many upsets happened in the other conferences.

    149 - Gus Sako (UVA) - #1 seed, finished 3rd
    157 - Jedd Moore (UVA) - #2 seed, DNP
    184 - Diego Bencomo (Duke)
    197 - Zac Bennett (UNC) - last year's ACC champ, missed first half of season due to injury, 197 only had 1 spot
    Super 32 Challenge - October 26-27, 2013

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    165 - Ben Jordan, Wisconsin

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