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Thread: Big 12 Conference Championships Discussion & Results

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    My conference here in D3 has only 6 teams and it is ridiculous. Having just 4 teams in a conference is unacceptable. My Dad was pissed that Missouri won "We didn't lose it! Iowa State lost it for us!" also not having Z probaby sealed our fate.
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    Z Bailey and McNeil both had winnable 3rd place matches. Albert White
    Could have beat Houdashelt. Would have turned the tide in the team race. You have to count on your seniors to step up and score team points in those situations. ISU didn't lose shit for anyone. However, I do t think OSu necessarily lost it so much as Mizzou stepped up and found a way to win. They won every possible toss up match and found a way to pull two big upsets in the finals.

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    Going into the finals I really didn't think Mizzou had a chance to hold their lead. The Toal/Sorensen was incredible as a Mizzou fan going for their first ever conf championship. So was the Lester/Houdashelt match for that matter. I watched the dual between them earlier in the year and Sorensen absolutely crushed him. Toal came out aggressive working his ties and got a td early. Lots of flurries and Toal slowed down and got dinged for stalling late in the 2nd. However, he came out and was in on two deep shots in the 3rd (Sorensen has very strong hips) and was really the aggressor for most of the 3rd period despite being the one up by a point.

    Also, the reports of only 3-4 td are not true. Not saying they had a whole heck of a lot more than that though(maybe 8). It looked to me that Mizzou really made an effort to work on their mat wrestling. And it paid off because that was the difference in a handful of close matches. Seeing the teams together they looked very evenly matched with the exception of a few of the Okie St wrestlers and Maple. Despite the low scores most of the matches still had lots of scramble and flurries of action.

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