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Thread: Speaking of REALLY bad announcing!!!

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    "It's not the BTN's fault at all. We're Student U. That means each big ten school has students call all sports that mostly end up on the Internet. Since wrestling is an Olympic sport, the BTN doesn't send the pros out til the postseason. That's why we, as students, called this duel. Since it was a top 5 matchup, the national network pretty much had to run it. The normal announcers both caught the flu and couldn't do it. We just stepped up and this is what happened." no grudge here, particularly with your explanation. The BTN, however, should be totally ashamed. You may not know they don't send their guys anyway. Johnson and Gibbons do voice overs from Chicago as far as I know. With a four hour notice, they could have called Ken Chertow, but they didn't. He watched like the rest of us. I hope some people laugh at the video, and others talk to the BTN. Meanwhile....Illegal Fist to the Back....Funny, no matter where you are from.  LOL

    PSFurbag 1 day ago the creator of the video, there are two sides to look at. First, as we were watching it live, it was difficult to watch. I knew you had done some HW because you referenced info from the media guides. It was rather clear you didn't have much time. The "illegal fist to the back" I went from bummed out to laughing. It's not funny, but it was. I made the greatest hits to be funny, because in that context, it is. Post Continued......"
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    "Can you post the link. I would like to watch the Neb-UNI match.

    I'm sure the video bums you out a bit, but enjoy it....there is some funny stuff between you two. And look at TheSecondRush's've made a bunch of people laugh today. Some unhappy, too. Hope it all doesn't happen again, and I hope you enjoy this sport going forward. "

    @PSFurbag Unfortunately, I can't find the Neb-UNI link online right now. I'll try to get a DVD of it and upload it sometime next week.

    34marczak 17 hours ago
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    @blud42 Maybe never wrestling broadcasters. Don't rule us out for all sports. We're actually pretty good.

    34marczak 17 hours ago
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    @PSFurbag Hey, no hard feelings at all. We know we were bad and we're not hiding from it. I just felt like I had to explain my situation is all. Defend whatever kind of name I got! For the record, I found out that BTN did try to get the pros for this one and couldn't for that night. I'm glad it at least made some people laugh and am slightly proud to be a viral video! I hope that somewhere down the road you'll see me on TV again it changes your mind about what kind of announcer I am

    34marczak 17 hours ago
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    @dakranii Thanks, I agree it is a great sport. Not one I grew up with but I always noticed that wrestling fans were some of the most loyal fans of any sport out there.

    34marczak 18 hours ago

    @34MarcZac. Mad Props for being a standup guy and enjoying going viral at your expense.

    Kinda like claiming a good fart!!

    I didn't have a clue this would turn out this silly, nor so many views I just put it together for wrestling message board buds on PSU's site. C'mon over and we'll help you learn the sport. Post who you are on the "on the mats" forum.

    PSFurbag 15 hours ago

    @KurtRussell1963 Like I said before, there was literally nobody else available and it was one of the biggest duals of the year. Don't blame the BTN. It's all on Jake and me. I agree about the cornerback metaphor and that's exactly what I intend to do. If anybody can find a clip of that NEB-UNI dual, I'd certainly appreciate it. I feel like I did redeem myself at least somewhat calling that dual.
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    What a bunch of bullshit. A sport that no one watches with clowns calling the action. That's what it's come to. Sad.

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    Flop, it's the fault of the BTN, not the sport of wrestling. The BTN doesnt care enough to get announcers that know the sport. I think that after this they probably will. I for one, took the video at face value and laughed my ass off. The announcing on the student U has been bad this year but its only been around about the same amount of time that Obama has been in office and theyre doing a better job than he is.

    sorry, awoke with the TV on FOX News this morning.

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    I refuse to watch it because I'm the kind of guy who wants to throw things at the tv just listening to the ESPN guys try to announce wrestling. I feel blessed that my school has my friend Scott call all of our wrestling matches, the guy he works with isn't that smart, but Scott was recruited to wrestle here before he got hurt and is pretty good at it.
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    Yes, it is truly pathetic, but I laughed my ass off too. ... BROWN!

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