After the last week or two wins, losses, injuries and other things have given me a lot of questions going into conference competition and NCAA's...

Does PSU have it wrapped up now that Ok States got some guys is out?

Who gets the #2 trophy? Minny, Ok State, Iowa?

Is Oliver the guy at 133?

Does Carter AA after his poor weekend last weekend or is it another round of 12ish year?

Does anyone think Parks can beat Frank the Tank?

How many AA's does Iowa have?

Personally I think PSU wins, Minny #2 Ok State #3 and Iowa #4, I think Molinaro beats Parks, I think Oliver wins it all, I think Carter sneaks in to AA but 6th or lower and I think Iowa AA's at 25,33,41,57 and 84 with possible champs/finalist at 25 and 33