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Thread: National Dual Finals (Predictions)

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    Default National Dual Finals (Predictions)

    Who you got?
    125 Sanders wbd Morrison 3-0
    133 Dardanes lbd Oliver 3-3
    141 Dardanes wbd Kindig 6-3
    149 Ness lbd Parks 6-6
    157 Zilverburg lbd White 6-9
    165 Yohn wbd Bailey 9-9
    174 Storley lbd Perry 9-12
    184 Steinhaus wbm McNeil 13-12
    197 Yohn lbd Rosholt 13-15
    Hwt Nelson v Marsden/Rosholt wbd 16-15

    Just getting conversation going.
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    Default Re: National Dual Finals (Predictions)

    Sanders DEC
    Oliver DEC
    Dardanes DEC
    Parks DEC
    White DEC
    Yohn DEC
    Perry MDEC
    Steinhaus MDEC
    Rosholt DEC
    Nelson DEC

    McDOnough DEC
    Ramos DEC
    Marion DEC
    Terrazas DEC
    St. John DEC
    Evans DEC
    LOfthouse DEC
    Gambrall DEC
    Gonzalez DEC
    Telford DEC
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