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Thread: Bedlam

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    Z teched Colling last time around . He tweaked his knee in the second and didn't score again. Hall came back to close it to 10--8 late in the third yet ran out of time .Morrison just got abused with 4:00+ RT.9-0
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    OSU looked tired. I'm sure they were mostly looking to this weekend. Pretty big cost in this dual with Bailey and Z both suffering injuries although I think Bailey's is a nagging one. Rosholt was taped hip to ankle and Kindig was still out. Pretty banged up right now.

    Morrison just has nothing an hour after weigh ins. We will see what he has after 2 hours vs a very tough Delgado on Sunday.

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    We expected Bonus at 197 and 285, and more then just a major from Jordan. Then we expected wins from McNeil and White. Not to mention Jon giving up a major is unacceptable. Not gonna say anything about Dallas Bailey, he shouldn't even be the starter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBloodLion View Post
    Up front, I admit that I don't follow the Little 12 much any more, and I haven't paid attention to Oklahoma State as a team ever since they bailed on the home-and-home with Penn State (maybe I should let that go, but that's for another time).

    I'm not sure where I'm seeing a source of major frustration. Looking at the scores and the rankings, the only "upset" based on rankings was at 157 and that was 14 over 12. Hardly a major upset. I understand maybe that giving up the major there and at 125 were disappointing, and maybe hoping for a bonus point at heavy, but if there was an injury, that explains that (also, unless I have someone named Mocco or Konrad wrestling at heavy for me, any bonus points are a pleasant surprise). You have to be pleased with the performance you got from Perry. How much more were you expecting?

    I also agree that this was a solid match up going into Duals.
    That's funny having PSU upset at another team about not showing up for a contest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post
    That's funny having PSU upset at another team about not showing up for a contest.
    gofer--to borrow an image you used in another thread--you aren't getting the pirrhana to start circling again are you?

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