Instead of having half a dozen different threads with people complaining about National Duals whey don't we do a more centralized thread focusing on the best and worst aspects? Getting the input from a bunch of people in one place with good and bad will make things easier to understand for the powers that be. Try to keep the outright bitching to a minimum, preferably in the worst aspects.

Organization and constructive criticism is what I'm looking for here.

Best aspects:

1) Regional idea is a great one, gets more teams involved and creates 4 areas with turnout and lessens initial travel.

2) Streaming coverage was great for me. I didn't have any of the LSV issues other people had but I didn't watch earlier on. Got to watch tons of matches and fostered a bunch of healthy discussion on the boards. Steiber vs Oliver was like a headlining band for this event.

3) Two week format - I prefer this to the chaotic one-week setup. Give people time to discuss each region and another week to spotlight the main matchups.

Worst aspects:

1) Handling of the location and announcement of the finals. Clearly a disaster which pissed off virtually every fan, at least ones on the forums. Announce the finals in advance in a place that is easy to get to and will promote a large turnout. It also was likely a big factor in PSU not attending. Too many unknowns for too many people...

2) Forum based promotion - the coverage was actually great but it was clear after hearing so many complaints that too many wrestling fans to go the forums and only the forums for info on events. It was promoted quite well on TheMat front page and others like Intermat, but you have to cater to your userbase even if their approach may be silly. Official "sticky" threads on each of the major forums with the requisite links would have went a long way to squashing many complaints.

3) Exclusion of PSU - I 100% understand why Cael didn't go and don't blame him one bit, but you have to get all the top teams on board with this if this event is going to grow. I think fixing aspect #1 will get all the top teams there in future years, but they have to do whatever it take to make sure the top 6 teams are in every single year.

Anyone else?