I respect Andrew Hipps for writing the article, I respect Cael Sanderson for who he is as an athlete and for his ability as a coach. I completely disagree with the opinion of this article however and still don't understand Cael's decision not too attend. I understand his stance in that he he already had a commitment but his stance seems to be that he doesn't REALLY support the event and given the chance he won't go next year as well. He talks about what's best for his team and I guess I understand that as well however if the sport continues to shrink and consolidate there will be no more team to coach. He talks about growing the sport and helping smaller programs which is outstanding but coming up with innovative ideas and getting the sport in front of larger crowds I believe is going to be a bigger part of helping smaller programs in the long run.

I believe the sport is in a tenuous position and that the successful programs need to take the lead in bringing the sport to the masses even if it means rescheduling a dual or missing one home gate receipt.

I respect Penn State as a team, they seem to be a group of classy kids and focused athletes but I can't help but think when the National Duals Championship is being wrestled that they won't think they should be there gunning for the title.