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Thread: Mock B1G Tourney

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBloodLion View Post
    You can include that in the list of bonehead moves that the Big 10 leadership has made in the last 18 months or so.

    1. Legends and Leaders
    2. The new design of the Big 10 Logo

    Attachment 2995

    As you point out, it doesn't carry over to text. At least B10 was usable. Now, it's kind of a G, kind of a 0 (zero), kind of it sucks

    Both changes seem like they were the award winners from Mrs. Shinovitz's 5th grade class
    Well at least about everyone in the B1G can agree on this fact. The new logo and division names are horrendous. Who are the clowns that thought this was a good idea?

    Anyways, I see State Penn winning the B1G with Iowa, MN, and fOSU fighting it out for 2nd place. It all depends on a healthy DSJ and a much improved and slimmer GG wrestling well for Iowa to take a runner up here.

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    You must have a nasty past on this blog.

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    Yeah Ban, you must have been a real enfant terrible.

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