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Thread: Iowa Sets attendance record

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    Default Iowa Sets attendance record

    InterMat Wrestling - Iowa tops Wisconsin, sets national attendance record

    It would have been a little higher if the wouldn't have scheduled the dual on Superbowl Sunday.
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    Default Re: Iowa Sets attendance record

    Gotcha, it was for the season average.

    For a second I thought it was the record for most fans at a match, and I saw that it was vs the worst Wisconsin team ever on the day of the superbowl, was a little confused.
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    Default Re: Iowa Sets attendance record

    With all the success on the mat Penn State needs to start now with a big PUSH for next year to pull out all the stops and set an all time attendance record.

    They can do it if they push and it will embarass Iowa to no end.

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    Default Re: Iowa Sets attendance record

    Hasn't Penn State been selling out on a lot of their home duals? I think they'd need to move it to another larger venue to have a chance at breaking Iowa attendance records.

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    Default Re: Iowa Sets attendance record

    Penn State would have to hold every dual in the BJC (discussed previously). It won't happen and it would be a mistake if they tried.


    If PSU somehow averaged more home attendance that Iowa next year, PSU fans should be granted sig rights for every Iowa fan on TWT.

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    Default Re: Iowa Sets attendance record

    It's impossible isnt it? Doesnt REC Hall only hold about six thousand?

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    Yes, it's about 6,500 with SRO I believe. When I went there you could get over 7,000 in, but safety rules prevent them from packing that many in any more.

    On the PSU board there's been periodic debate over using the BJC instead of Rec Hall--at least for the big meets. Opinion is pretty divided. They're going to have to do something. Almost every dual is sold out now and the poor fans that don't get season tickets are going to have a very hard time getting to see the team. I think the BJC is going to have to be at least part of the equation, even if the atmosphere isn't the same as Rec Hall. Many would disagree with me (especially those who already have their season tickets!). In case you can't read between the lines--I don't have season tickets!

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    State Penn needs to build a larger arena to set any attendence records at all. Iowa holds a part of the top 25 attendence records in the history of the sport. Having Carver definitely helps, but if State Penn gets a larger arena they could push for a record when Iowa comes to town next time. Okie State for being the program they are has always confused me with their attendence figures.

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    Default Re: Iowa Sets attendance record

    "State Penn", ouch.
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