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    In the past at times it has been discussed "Best Wrestlers Never to Win NCAA Champsionship". I'm not introducing that topic again per se, but I was looking through some past NCAA tourney results and was struck by Hudson Taylor's Jr year. I don't believe Taylor ever made it to the finals (I know he didn't his jr and sr years). But his jr year these were his results from a 10th seed:

    1st Rd Fall Delaney, Citadel 1:32
    2nd Rd Pinned by Halsey (#7 seed) CS Bak :40
    1st Con Fall Bradshaw Edin 1:21
    2nd Con Dec Herbst Wisc (#5 seed) 2-0
    3rd Con Dec Byers GM (#9 seed) 8-7
    4th Con Fall Simaz Cor 2:45
    Con Semis Dec Askren Miss (#6 seed) 8-0
    Con Finals Dec Todd Mich (#4 seed) 11-4 Finished 3rd

    As a senior:

    1st Rd Dec Mitcheff Amer 6-0
    2nd Rd Dec Kennedy Leh 9-2
    Quarters Dec Lapotsky OU 9-3
    Semis Lost Brester Neb 1-0
    Con Semis Dec Brandvold Wisc 10-0
    Con Finals Lost Simaz 4-2 OT Finished 4th

    Not too shabby--beating future NCAA champ Askren 8-0, pinning Simaz and some other very good wins by good scores.

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    He went through a pretty good rampage through the backside of the bracket as a sophomore as well.
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