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Thread: tOSU/Mich.

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    As I said before -the side judge needs his ass kicked . I wish I hadn't watched it again as i'm PO'd again.
    Ha ha ha! You just gave me a great mental picture of the wrestling match of the future, when NCAA Commish Russ Payton is running things right! Every match would take place inside a cage surrounded mat. At either exit, there stands 3 or 4 dudes who make Karelin and Brock Lesner look weak, standing with arms folded, maybe a tire-iron or billy club in their hands, watching the refs every call. At the end of the match, everyone looks up at the commish's Box seat to see what the call is going to be. Suddenly, a gravelly, Indiana voice yells out in full confidence: "That ref needs his ASS Kicked NOW!". The crowd goes wild, the ref pisses his pants.....and the giant enforcers step into the ring.....!" I can see it clear as day. You got my voter Brother Russ!

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    HAS to be 5-2
    What the hell! He clearly had control and rode Heflin for 20 seconds, how is that not a reversal or an escape and TD? That is the worst call I've ever seen in wrestling? I thought some of them called against me were bad, but that was absolutely ridiculous! I feel really bad for Zeerip! DC

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    Well I think I can finally see straight again, three days after that debacle at 174. Glad to see the tOSU faithful on here agree that was perhaps the biggest scoring "oversight" ever. I'm not pretending that it had anything to do with the team result, because with Huntley out, it wasn't looking good for the Wolverines (even though the 6 point swing would have made it closer). And believe me, I've called enough of Zeerip's matches over the years to know how much he has tried to imitate Paul Bradley at times, which can be a bit maddening. He has really worked his butt off this year though and has gotten more aggressive (though he didn't show it much Friday).

    The real travesty is the potential seed fallout, where Zeerip loses an important seed and may likely see Ruth in B10 semis rather than a possible finals matchup, which then could have consequences for seeding at NCAAs. How does an official call something then 10 seconds later forget he called it? How does the scorer not put it up on the scoreboard? A whole host of things had to go wrong for the called 1 and 2 to not be counted. I wouldn't make a fuss if both officials lost their D1 creds for next year. I'm sure Mac wouldn't mind not seeing them again.

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    I wonder if the refs somehow forgot who started on top and who started on bottom?

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