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Thread: NCAA at large bids are out.

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    Default NCAA at large bids are out.

    125 Prescott Garner Navy EIWA
    125 Anthony Mustari Northern Colorado West Regional
    125 Brian Owen Boise State Pac-10
    125 Nikko Triggas Ohio State Big Ten
    125 Mike Watts Michigan Big Ten

    133 Matt Bonson Virginia ACC
    133 Tyler Dillashaw Cal State Fullerton Pac-10
    133 Kyle Hutter Old Dominion CAA
    133 Thomas Kimbrell Cal State Bakersfield Pac-10
    133 Brandon Low UC Davis Pac-10

    141 Justin Accordino Hofstra CAA
    141 Cory Fish Boise State Pac-10
    141 Frank Molinaro Penn State Big Ten
    141 Richard Rappo Pennsylvania EIWA
    141 William Simpson Army EIWA

    149 Torsten Gillespie Edinboro EWL
    149 Daniel Meagher Cornell EIWA
    149 Michael Roberts Boston U. CAA
    149 Robert Sanders Nebraska Big 12
    149 Peter Yates Virginia Tech ACC

    157 Hadley Harrison Clarion EWL
    157 Jason Johnstone Ohio State Big Ten
    157 Thomas Scotton North Carolina ACC
    157 Chad Terry Oklahoma Big 12

    165 Nick Amuchastegui Stanford Pac-10
    165 Keegan Davis Oregon State Pac-10
    165 Rex Kendle Michigan State Big Ten
    165 Ryan Patrovich Hofstra CAA
    165 Matt Pletcher Rutgers EIWA
    165 Rick Schmelyun Bloomsburg EWL

    174 Ryan Burk Iowa State Big 12
    174 Justin Herbert Franklin & Marshall EIWA
    174 Ian Hinton Michigan State Big Ten
    174 Jeff James Oklahoma Big 12
    174 Byron Sigmon North Carolina-Greensboro Southern
    174 Anthony Trongone Virginia Tech ACC

    184 John Barone Duke ACC
    184 Kenneth Caldwell Navy EIWA
    184 Dorian Henderson Missouri Big 12
    184 A.J. Kissel Purdue Big Ten
    184 Riley Orozco Cal State Bakersfield Pac-10
    184 David Thompson Bucknell EIWA

    197 Logan Brown Purdue Big Ten
    197 Eric Chine Kent State MAC
    197 Luke Feist Stanford Pac-10
    197 John Hall Boston U. CAA
    197 James Hamel Buffalo MAC
    197 Charles Silber American EIWA

    285 Zach Hammond Cornell EIWA
    285 Clayton Jack Oregon State Pac-10
    285 Trey McLean Pennsylvania EIWA
    285 Corey Morrison Ohio State Big Ten

    A full video description of the entire selection protocol is available at or you can review appendix C of the 2009 Division I Wrestling Championships Handbook which is available at .

    The list of all 330 qualifiers is available at
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    Default Re: NCAA at large bids are out.

    Wow, that brings Virginia Tech up to 8 qualifiers.
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    Default Re: NCAA at large bids are out.

    Good list. I have no complaints.

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    Default Re: NCAA at large bids are out.

    Looks like Ohio State added three more. Rex Kendle got some jungle karma from the Rome show yesterday as well. Like to hear that.

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    Default Re: NCAA at large bids are out.

    Iowa State picked up Burk they now have all 10. Of course 42 of 50 qualified from the Little 5 I mean (Big) XII - VII = x
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    Default Re: NCAA at large bids are out.

    anyone heard when preseeds/brackets come out. now that they got this far.

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    Default Re: NCAA at large bids are out.

    Yeah, I am a little bit suspect about 42 out of 50...guess we will know how well it plays out when they compete at NCAA's. Good selling point for recruiting. "Listen there is only a 16% chance you WON'T make the post season if you start in the Big XII"

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    Default Re: NCAA at large bids are out.

    I don't think the wrestlers being recruited by BigXII schools are worried about "qualifying" for the NCAA's. They're probably all thinking about winning it.

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    Default Re: NCAA at large bids are out.

    I have a problem with Nikko Triggas and Corey Morrison making it after going 0-2. I guess the same would go for Jason Johnstone, but he's a senior, and I kind of like the kid, so I feel less negatively about them. Wow, that's all Ohio State kids. Give me a second to read the list a little more deeply...

    I'm really glad Clayton Jack made it, he was the only guy wo suffered in the "true second" match at Pac 10's.
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