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Thread: I hate to be "that guy"

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    Default I hate to be "that guy"

    ...but do we really need this many Penn State threads? I know we don't get a ton of traffic but we have a monster PSU thread for some of these. Of course some are relevant but it's getting a little bit excessive to have 2/3rds of all recent topics be about Penn State.

    On idiot's opinion...

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    Default Re: I hate to be "that guy"

    Two more points:

    Yes, I created another PSU thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gantry View Post
    On idiot's opinion...
    Was going to edit, but I feel as if it really hits the "idiot" part home.

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    Default Re: I hate to be "that guy"

    I went to the penn st thread and all that was on there was sandusky and joe pa crap... Fix that and i might start using it when i want to post penn st stuff

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    Default Re: I hate to be "that guy"

    Classic....I don't disagree but until someone stomps their team's a$$ I think it's going to stick around.
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    Talk is and always has been driven by the posters who are active.

    If you don't want to talk about Penn State, start a thread about something else.
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    Default Re: I hate to be "that guy"

    There are a lot. For a while, I felt like every other thread was "Iowa vs ....". I think it reflects the importance of the team involved (ok, not Iowa vs Northwestern, that didn't need to happen). Right now, PSU seems to be the most important given the run they are on.

    In addition, the trend seems to be have the thread before the match and then an additional one after the match. Maybe we could consolidate those...

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    Default Re: I hate to be "that guy"

    Teams relevance directly correlates to more threads. I see your point Gantry, but there's a reason they're talked about so much.
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    Default Re: I hate to be "that guy"

    We could about what is gantry's avatar doing with it's left hand...

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    Default Re: I hate to be "that guy"

    It is a little disgusting since the Penn State faithful were nowhere to be found just a few short years ago. But, fair weather fans come out of the woodwork when they have a good team. Give em a couple more years. They'll quietly go away.

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