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Thread: Nebraska vs. Penn St.

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    Default Nebraska vs. Penn St.

    A few interesting matchups here at 157, 165, 184, and Hwt. Seems that penn st has all the higher ranked wrestlers. As do most teams wrestling penn st nebraska matches up poorly...

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    Kokesh v Taylor could be interesting, but overall this match shouldn't be close...
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    I'm interested not only in 165, but 157 (2 top 10 ranked freshmen!) and 184. I hope QW handles Ihnen, but Ihnen is tough and could give QW a battle. Wade has looked pretty good lately, but Lane could beat Wade.

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    Surprised nobody mentioned Pearsall over Sueflohn..
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    Quote Originally Posted by iamthesituation View Post
    I think the best matchup will be 133 Martellotti vs Kiley.

    I'm still not sure which Frank Martellotti we're seeing this year. He was 18-3 last year, ranked as high as #10 and beat many top 10-20 guys.
    This year, since returning to the lineup, we can't really tell if he is at that level or not. So far he's either wrestled guys way, way better than him and got crushed (Ramos and Stieber), or unranked opponents and winning handily.

    Curious what KR has to say to this.

    Per Kokesh vs Taylor, Kokesh probably can hold Taylor to a major. However, a tech and pin are possible, while a decision would seem out of reach.
    Martelotti has a good chance here this weekend to redeem himself a bit after the past 2 duals & get 2 wins over top 20 guys. That being said I am not predicting that vs Neb.

    Btw Ortega is making the trip so if PSU has this in hand do not expect MM.

    125 Nico dec 3-0
    133 Kiley dec 3-3
    141 Sueflohn 6-3
    149 Frank dec 6-6
    157 DA dec 9-6 should be the best match
    165 DT MD 13-6
    174 ED fall 19-6
    184 QW dec 22-6
    197 JN dec 22-9
    285 CW dec 25-9

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