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Discuss Streetfighting Championships at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I was thinking about 149, and how that weight class might shake out in a ...
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    Default Streetfighting Championships

    I was thinking about 149, and how that weight class might shake out in a streetfight rather than a wrestling match. I then thought it might be interesting to discuss that for all of the weight classes. I will start a few that are interesting to me.

    Who do you think would come out on top at each weight and why? I really lack much insight for this, so I'm interested to hear other people's thoughts.

    Palmer: Low center of gravity, very tough, very strong.
    Caldwell: Soooooo athletic. Who knows what he could pull off?
    Metcalf: The guy is just mean and never stops.

    I think this weight would be pretty entertaining. I think either Palmer or Caldwell would come out on top.

    Leen: Quite the scrapper and fights hard
    Burroughs: Fast, explosive, and strong.
    Hall: Pretty tough.
    JBB: His power against Johnstone really stood out to me.

    Howe: Big, very solid, strong.
    Sponseller: Not very strong, but he's agile enough that he could probably dance around forever until the other guy wears down, and then start pounding.

    Ray J, Browne, Miller. I just say Miller because I remember when he was in HS, I read some quote from him where he said "When I go out there, I just want to kill people."

    Herbert: What a physical specimen this guy is... Fast, explosive, good length arms, strong...
    Keddy: Strong.
    Kilgore: Big and pretty smooth.

    I think Todd and Halsey would rule this weight class. They both are very strong and have a lot of power. I also like Halsey's attitude for a fight. I tend to think Varner is a little too slow.

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    Default Re: Streetfighting Championships

    Ryu by Haiduken.

    Jacob Schlottke---Gone too soon, and the world is a little less bright because of it. RIP, brother.

    One, two, Evans is coming for you...

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    Default Re: Streetfighting Championships

    At 165 -Trevor stewart -poor white kid from Detroit -bet he fought every day on the way to and from school-
    At hwt -last year no contest -Dave Hermann from IU-got kicked out of high school for fighting and is ranked in the top 10 in UFC-PeeWee Herman 6'4'240-Martial arts and MMA champion .
    at 157 Kinser is heavy into MMA AND IS PRETTY GOOD -Welch had not been close to scoring on Kinser in 2 matches and then 6 points in 30 seconds and Kinser just quit after that .

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