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Thread: Iowa 19 Minnesota 17: Post Dual Thoughts

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    Default Iowa 19 Minnesota 17: Post Dual Thoughts

    125: Honestly I thought Sanders wrestled pretty well here. Did a nice job not giving up any really early scores and keeping himself in early. Had the early attempt at a duck under which is as close as he's been to scoring on McDonough in two years. The only real mistake was that reversal in the second period which didn't have much of an impact because he was out quick. Defining point in the match came afterward when Sanders got in deep on a low single and actually had the other ankle, but he's just not strong enough to break McDonough to the hip and secure the two. Third period was what it was, Sanders did his job in just giving the three here.

    133: Really impressed with how Dardanes went out and spent the first two periods really beating up on Ramos with the hand fighting. He really dictated the pace and that was impressive given how good Ramos usually is at dictating things. Kudos to Ramos for really gathering himself when he got the opportunity during the stoppage for blood. He turned the tide and wasn't threatened afterward. Dardanes needs to be a little more urgent off the bottom.

    141: Winnable match next time. He may or may not wind up getting it done if they do meet again but this was a really encouraging result for Dardanes. Like his brother did a great job dictating most of the match on the feet just has to make it pay off and get to his double leg next time. Marion did a great job hipping out of the first double leg which was super deep. Given how fast the ref hit a few guys later in the dual for stalling, I thought he could have gotten on Marion a little bit here.

    149: Like I said in the thread, I don't know how likely I am to survive Dylan Ness' next four years in the Gopher line up. Just a wild man. Dug himself a hole early, but showed a ton of heart in battling back. Just beasted his finish for the first TD and backs in the second period that made it 9-5, then the crazy throw is just something that he had in his arsenal. Great job getting the TD that he needed at the end to get his major back after the ref tried to screw him.

    157: Can't dig yourself that deep a hole in the first period. Was a key match here. I'd be able to accept things a little better had Ortiz stayed within himself early and then tried the crazy stuff late in the match trying to win. Don't know why he spent the rest of the match from the second period on trying to roll around on bottom when he got right out in the first period when he stood up.

    165: I mean, maybe the blow to the head early in the match took more out of him than we think but even with that this a huge match and Yohn just looked completely apathetic about what was going on.

    174: I walked out of the room for after Lofthouse scored early, and missed Storley's come back. Impressive effort by the kid here though. Seems to really have a flair for just staying after guys and getting points when needs them to win matches late. Did it against Heflin, did it against Zeerip, and did it here when I guess he just wore Lofthouse out.

    184: Workman like effort by Steinhaus to do what he needed to do here over a game opponent. Nice blend of scoring off his own stuff from his underhook and then impressive job countering the few times that Wagner got in deep with his own stuff. Really did a nice job feeding his hips on the TD that he got in I think the second period.

    197: Standard Sonny Yohn match, I don't know what else to really say here. Gambrall seems to be showing at least a little bit of life the last few matches but I was never really worried about Yohn here as I figured even if they went to overtime he'd get it in the TB. Was happy to see him not be content with going to OT though and making and converting the attempt at the end.

    285: Some people may criticize Nelson in the wake of this dual for not going out and trying to force the fall, but I'm not going to be one of them. In that situation wrestling an opponent as large as Rasing is you've got to wrestle for yourself first and get the win. Much improved over the matches that he had against Rasing last year. He got to his offense which he didn't last year, he finished that offense doing a nice job cutting back on that single leg in the second period, and he powered out of Rasing's offense to get the insurance TD at the end. Don't like him really against Z, Flores, or Rey but I think he's pretty much locked into that 4th spot right now. Don't really see anyone else at this weight beating him.
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    Default Re: Iowa 19 Minnesota 17: Post Dual Thoughts

    First off, congratulations to Iowa. A true team win for them up and down the line-up.

    125 McDonough v Sanders
    I think McDonough has figured out that Sanders oftentimes will just beat himself given enough time. Sanders seemed to be doing just fine in the beginning tieing up McD's elbow and hands and keep him from hitting the corners, then he made shot that he didn't finish and McD made him pay. Then rather then just trying to ride McD, he got up way to high and got reversed. That was pretty much it for Sanders as other than that the match was pretty close. Give the credit to McD, he wrestled the whole seven minutes and didn't appear to be gassed. I think if Sanders would ever wrestle a smart, thoughtful match he might be surprised how many times he could get in to the 3rd with McD with an even or 1 point match.

    133 Ramos v Dardanes
    Dardanes did a nice job of keeping up pressure on Ramos and to be quite honest, I haven't seen a match go so long without a score that still appeared to be a very exciting match. Ramos is quick and slippery but I like this match-up between the two and look forward to seeing them wrestle the next few years. There's no way Ramos would have made 125 this year. He looks big and strong and relatively tall. I like the way that Dardanes continued to come forward.

    141 Marion v Dardanes
    Marion must drive Iowa fans nuts. Often times he got Dardanes leaning the other way or shooting for air but never would chain wrestle to be ready to counter those attacks. That being said, Marion did what he had to do to pull out this victory. Both guys went hard for 7 minutes and I don't think either one of these guys in 10 matches would major the other. I think the Dardanes brothers may be here to stay and little Thorn might need to find another way on to the mat. God I wish he could make 125 but that ain't gonna happen.

    149 Ness v Kelly
    Give Kelly credit, this match was going back and forth and Kelly was staying right in there. Ness would give coaches fits on the opposing side because how do you really prepare for him? He keeps coming and he is tough on top, from his feet and seems to be able to get out from bottom on everyone not named Molinaro. That step through toss was great and I was really surprised that Kelly was able to get out. I think only because he literally bounced off the mat did that not go much worse for him. Exciting match and Ness with the quick takedown at the end to get the major that in the after interview he didn't realize that he needed to get the major.

    157 Moore v Ortiz
    Ortiz looked cement shoed on his feet, lost on top and atrocious on bottom. Moore looked like a kid who was doing all the right things and looked like a guy who had received coaching and listened. Ortiz looked like a freshmen who didn't know where the hell he was at any given time. Ortiz is lucky he didn't get pinned and really I think just may have wrestled his last match at 157. I can't believe Minny can't find someone better than this at 157 even if someone had to move up. Give Moore credit for giving what Ortiz gave him and taking it. This was a big momentum match for Iowa.

    165 Evans v Yohn
    I didnt really recognize this Cody Yohn. He actually looked ill to be quite honest. Evans dominated him from his feet, from top and on bottom. Evans DID looked a weight class above Yohn which is just strange to see when you realize Yohn has really been there now for three seasons. I'm not convinced that had Evans NOT pinned Yohn that he wasn't going to get that tech fall anyway before the 7:00 minute mark. I anticipate Evans will be in that Big Ten semi with Taylor-Kokesh- and someone else and I won't be surprised if he ends up in the final with Taylor. He just keeps coming on and gaining confidence. Very impressed with Evans and I think Andrew Sorenson is glad he caught him at the beginning of the year because this is a very different Evans.

    174 Storley v Lofthouse
    A very even match but Storley always looks like he can go another 7 minutes if he had to and that was the difference in the match today. Lofthouse looked completely dead and Storley looked very much the fresher wrestler. This was a very exciting match and but it seems like the kind of match that Storley feels very good in. His wins versus Zeerip and Lofthouse this weekend were just lunch pail workmanlike. Feel bad for Lofthouse a little as he battled to the end but Storley just got him on the edge of the mat at the end for the go ahead takedown and the ride-out.

    184 Steinhaus v Wagner
    Give Wagner credit, he showed what a 6th year senior is all about. It looked early like Steinhaus could have potentially put a tech on Wagner but Wagner never really stopped attacking and it eventually started to slow Steinhaus down. Steinhaus looked really good here but Wagner just stayed in there and continued to work. The major was great but you just knew that even if Yohn COULD hang a major on Gambrall (which he came nowhere near doing) that asking Nelson to major Raising was asking too much. You can see how with Steinhaus's style though that you can never count him out in a match against the top 184's. He looked great on his feet but just got tired at the end and grabbed the major.

    197 Yohn v Gambrall
    Was it me or did both Yohn's look like they were sick or at the first day of wrestling practice? Weird. Gambrall kept coming at Yohn and Yohn was content to let him in on a leg, stretch him out and get him flat and wait for the stalemate. It was weird. I feel bad for Gambrall. He just doesn't have the strength when he gets underneath to finish on these 197's and it was the only difference in the match. It frustrates me to watch Yohn sometimes because when he generally tries an offensive move off his set-up he gets it. The trip looked great. Wish he brandish a double every now and then to get his opponents on their heels a bit more. This was a win we needed and got but Yohn didn't look particularly good doing it.

    Hwt Nelson v Raising
    Nelson looked good here through the first 5 minutes and looks like he has found a comfortable match strategy against Raising but Raising was definitely swinging the momentum early in the 3rd when he had Nelson on his hip and only down 3-2. Nelson flattened him out and came around for the t.d. and riding point time to win 6-2. I was pretty impressed with the action of both heavyweights, Nelson just looks a little bit quicker than Raising.

    All in all I thought Yohn getting pinned and Ortiz getting sloppy really were the difference in the match-up but I believe that Yohn was on his way to getting tech'd by Evans anyway. I think these two teams are just really matched up well that neither team would ever win by more than 6 if they were to wrestle ten times. Credit to Iowa with DSJ being out and JD being out for Minny, it ended up being both teams best line-ups out on the mat and Iowa won.
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    Default Re: Iowa 19 Minnesota 17: Post Dual Thoughts

    Gambrall stunk the place up, but other than him the Hawks are back! Evans is going to be dangerous. That dude is really coming on strong. McD dominated as expected. Dardanes bros were very impressive despite their losses. DC

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    Default Re: Iowa 19 Minnesota 17: Post Dual Thoughts

    I actually don't think Gambrall stunk up the place. That honor belonged to Ethen Lofthouse.
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    Default Re: Iowa 19 Minnesota 17: Post Dual Thoughts

    I thought this was a great dual from top to bottom.

    125- McD is just to big for Sanders. I like Sanders but I don't see him beating McD because he can't get a TD due to the size difference. I was disappointed here that McD didn't release him and try for the MD. Maybe he wanted to make a statement to Sanders that he can't get away from him. It was a big W for McD because I think it cements his belief he is doing the right things in practice and life.

    133- Great job by Ramos in this match. I really like Dardanes style as I think he was in control for a majority of the match. He really controls the head nice and keeps coming forward applying pressure. I thought Ramos hung in early and just found a way to create an angle and get the TD. Tony needs to score earlier because this is going to be a good match everytime out. MN has a stud in Dardanes and Thorn might be transfering after this yr. I don't see a spot for him unless he can make the cut to 25 which I don't think is possible.

    141- I don't think Dardanes is as good as his brother but he isn't bad. MM just seems content this year only scoring when he has to on his feet. Dardanes hit a nice double early but after that never really threatened to score from his feet. I thought MM was controling this match with ease but needs to attempt to score more from his feet. MM had Dardanes leaning several times but didn't attempt to really score. I don't see Dardanes beating MM if and that is a big IF he opens up like we all know he can.

    149- Kelly was wrestling a smart match until he decided to roll around with Ness. Kelly hopefully learned that he doesn't go upper body with the likes of Ness. He was in the match and I thought lost focus on the gameplan which might have cost him the match. Ness is just "different" and I don't see that ever changing. He is dangerous I feel because he is fearless to hit any move. He doens't have very good technique but he is just so "different" which makes him fun to watch. I don't think I have seen anyone wrestle the way he does maybe ever.

    157- I expected a W here but Moore had a bit of luck getting the MD. MN best be finding another 57lb wrestler quick because they have almost 0 chance scoring any pts currently.

    165- Evans is a beast but inconsistant like some/most freshman are. I don't feel the early ding to Yohn had anything to do with the outcome. Everyone knows how dangerous Evans can be on top and Yohn did nothing to stop that powerful half. It is times like today when you watch Evans and you see something in his eyes that spells domination. I really love this kid and think he is dangerous for anyone to wrestle including Taylor.

    174- I wasn't impressed with either guy so won't say much here. Lofthouse quit plain and simple and should be getting his ass kicked right now in the practice room. I can handle losing matches but when you see a guy QUIT they don't belong in an IA singlet.

    184- Vinnie is just not good enough to compete with top talent. I love the kid because he has a huge gas tank and heart. He has good offense which we have seen against QW and now Steinhaus but isn't good enough to finish. I agree with someone that posted during the dual he reminds them of Uncle Luke as a Jr. Lofthouse needs to take lessons from Vinnie because Vinnie never quits and attempts to score for 7min. Steinhaus is my favorite MN wrestler and just has great work ethic on the mat. I see great things for Steinhaus this year such as a Big 10 title and maybe a semifinal appearance at NCAA.

    197- If I was a Gopher fan I would rip my hair out watching this guy. He is just so boring and content to always keep matches close which won't allow him much success at NCAA. Gambrall is Gambrall and thats all I have to say about him.

    285- Nelson looked alot better than last year against Blake. He was really attempting leg attacks and moving well the entire match. Nelson is an AA and I see him 4-5 at NCAA. He isn't quite good enough to compete with the top 3 yet but maybe could surprise one of them at NCAA.

    Overall the dual went how I thought outside of Lofthouse. MN is tough but doesn't match up well with IA because 25, 33 and 41 are IA's strongest spots. I enjoyed the dual and again think 33 Dardanes is going to be a special talent for MN in the future. Love the kids drive on the mat which I am not surprised now that he beat Stieber.

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    Default Re: Iowa 19 Minnesota 17: Post Dual Thoughts

    I think 149 Ness reminds me of 141 Mike Thorn. That's why I consistently mix up Little Thorn and Little Ness. It's the "go for broke" attitude that as JENSENS said, makes us have little heart attacks.

    I can see your frustration with Lofthouse but it might have more to do with Storley's "style". He Storlied Heflin, Zeerip and now Lofthouse. He came pretty close to Spangler too and Ed Ruth's back-up, Brown, his only 2 losses.
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    Default Re: Iowa 19 Minnesota 17: Post Dual Thoughts

    Gambrall did just fine. He's essentially wrestling up a weight and he made it interesting with a 2x AA(who is a HORSE at 97). He looks noticeably smaller and thinner than he was earlier in the year. Sooner he's at 84 the better, though he's not a complete hole at 97 anymore(though he keeps losing).
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    Default Re: Iowa 19 Minnesota 17: Post Dual Thoughts

    Just as an FYI on the Ness situation, the hands don't have to be touching to be considered a full nelson I don't believe.
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    Default Re: Iowa 19 Minnesota 17: Post Dual Thoughts

    Hey, did anyone see the big pin by Mike Evans!? I saw it...Live and in person! Look out for Evans in March!
    BTW Mikes got a better stache than Ron Jeremy!

    I was hoping that McDonough would have let up the Col in the last period to try and get the major. We need bonus points. However I think he was trying to send a message to the little chicken fryer that domination was ordered at the front counter and it was going to be served with a side of slaw...and a biscuit.

    Both Dardanes are bangers and I like to watch them. They really look more like Hawkeyes than squinnies. Ramos was able to take the spots that were given to him and make hay. Can't wait to watch them go at it again. Marion just needs to pour it on right from the start. I don't know what he is waiting for. It's a good thing he's got good hips, cause if he didnt he wouldnt have been able to get out of a couple of those shots by the other brother that should be wrestling for Iowa.

    Holy crap did anyone see the move that Ness put on Kelly when everyone in the world thought Ness was going down? Gibbons called it the double trouble, I call it the standing Mike Mena. Only Ness was able to kick through it and put Kelly on his back from a standing Mike Mena. Unbelievable! Kelly was doing a good job up to that point. Ness can score from anywhere I guess. (I know...That's what she said)

    Finally Nick Moore had a good quality match. Even if it was against Ortiz. It was good to see that he can look like he did for four years in high school. Hopefully it was a confidence builder.

    Mike Freakin Evans!

    Ethen F*ckin Lofthouse!

    Wagner was no match for Stienhaus. But Vinnie has a motor that doesnt stop. If everyone on our team wrestled with the guts of this kid we'd never lose a match and nobody would show up to nationals. Just forfeit the whole tournament.

    Gambrall wrestled a decent match. Showed that Yohn really sucks without his white shoes. Disappointed that he gave up a TD in the last seconds. The sooner he can get to 84 the better.
    "Sweep the leg."
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    Nice foot sweep Yohn.

    Hope Telford gets back in the lineup soon. He could have lost to Nelson too.

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