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Thread: Cornell 28-ISU 11

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    Default Cornell 28-ISU 11

    Cornell 28, Iowa State 11
    174: Mikey England (ISU) dec. Billy George (CU), 6-1
    184: #3 Steve Bosak (CU) WBF #16 Boaz Beard (ISU), 1:07
    197: #1 Cam Simaz (CU) WBF Trevor Voelker (ISU), 3:37
    285: #14 Matt Gibson (ISU) Mdec. Maciej Jochym (CU), 15-2
    125: #6 Frank Perrelli (CU) Mdec. #11 Ryak Finch (ISU), 9-0
    133: Nick Arujua (CU) dec. Shayden Terukina (ISU), 8-2
    141: Mike Nevinger (CU) dec. #14 Luke Goettl (ISU), 9-4
    149: #19 Chris Villalonga (CU) dec. Joe Cozart (ISU), 6-1
    157: #1 Kyle Dake (CU) dec. Michael Moreno (ISU), 6-1
    165: #4 Andrew Sorenson (ISU) TF4 Marshall Peppelman (CU), 21-6 (7:00)
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    Default Re: Cornell 28-ISU 11

    Impressive gaps by Perrelli, Sorenson, and Bosak.

    All were expected winners, but not by that much.
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    Default Re: Cornell 28-ISU 11

    A touch fall by Bosak off a tilt that was extremely questionable. But I think he would have majored Boaz, since it was Boaz' 1st match back.

    Dake gassed big time early, don't know if it was weight cutting or him coming back from an injury. Didn't look good at all and Moreno pushed him hard.
    Goettl was sick this past week and gave up a throw for 4 in 1st and didn't wrestle his match.
    Gibson looked good getting takedowns and tilts.
    Simaz is a stud, wrestling Voelker (1st varsity start)
    Sorenson smelled blood in 3rd and hammered at 165

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    Default Re: Cornell 28-ISU 11

    141: Mike Nevinger (CU) dec. #14 Luke Goettl (ISU), 9-4
    After his win over Maple everyone wanted to stick him the podium. If he was that sick maybe he should not have wrestled?

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    Default Re: Cornell 28-ISU 11

    I am definitely a fan of Goettl and the improvement he's made this year, but he is a long way from a lock on the podium. He needs to win matches like this to get him into the tourney. But he could be a guy that could throw some wrinkles into the 141 pound bracket by sending some ranked guys to the consi side of the bracket.

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