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Discuss Minnesota v. Iowa Predictons/Discussion at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Rough weekend for Iowa this week, they get back at it next Sunday against Minnesota ...
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    Default Minnesota v. Iowa Predictons/Discussion

    Rough weekend for Iowa this week, they get back at it next Sunday against Minnesota in what is always one of the most watched duals here on this board.

    125: Zach Sanders v. Matt McDonough
    133: Chris Dardanes v. Tony Ramos
    141: Nick Dardanes v. Montell Marion
    149: Dylan Ness v. Michael Kelly
    157: Alec Ortiz v. Nick Moore
    165: Cody Yohn v. Mike Evans
    174: Logan Storley v. Ethen Lofthouse
    184: Kevin Steinhaus v. Vinnie Wagner
    197: Sonny Yohn v. Grant Gambrall
    285: Tony Nelson v. Bobby Telford or Blake Rasing

    Dual sets up in a pretty interesting fashion. In my mind Iowa is favorites from 125-141, and the Gophers are favorites at 184-285.

    Those middle four weights are going to be huge in deciding things, especially in the battle of back ups at 157.

    Will post predictions later this week.
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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Iowa Predictons/Discussion

    McD is a shell of his former self at this point. Very concerned about Mcd v Sanders.
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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Iowa Predictons/Discussion

    Shane--you didn't waste any time.

    Here are my picks:

    125 McD Dec 0-3 Iowa
    133 Dardenes Dec 3-3 (I think one of the Dardeneses pulls an upset, a flip of the coin which; but Chris beat Stieber and Stieber beat Ramos)
    141 Marion Dec 3-6
    149 Ness Dec 6-6
    157 Ortiz Dec 9-6
    165 Evans Dec 9-9
    174 Lofthouse Dec 9-12
    184 Steinhaus Dec 12-12
    197 Yohn Dec 15-12
    Hwt Nelson Dec 18-12 Minnesota

    A lot of the bouts could go either way--a lot more close match-ups than in the PSU-Iowa meet where strength tended not to go up against strength.

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Iowa Predictons/Discussion

    125) Sanders dec McD 3-0
    133) Ramos dec C Dardanes 3-3
    141) Marion dec N Dardanes 3-6
    149) Ness pins Kelly 9-6
    157) Moore dec Ortiz 9-9
    165) Evans dec C Yohn 9-12
    174) Storley dec Lofthouse 12-12
    184) KS dec Wagner 15-12
    197) S Yohn dec GG 18-12
    hvy) Nelson dec Rasing 21-12

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Iowa Predictons/Discussion

    What's going on with McDunough? Too heavy? Sick? just not feeling it this weekend?

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Iowa Predictons/Discussion

    125 Sanders dec McD 3-0 Minny
    133 Dardanes dec Ramos 6-0 Minny
    141 Marion dec Dardanes 6-3 Minny
    149 Ness dec Kelly 9-3 Minny
    157 Moore dec Ortiz 9-6 Minny
    165 Evans dec Yohn 9-9
    174 Storley dec Lofthouse 12-9 Minny
    184 Steinhaus dec Wagner 15-9 Minny
    197 Yohn dec Gambrall 18-9 Minny
    Hwt Nelson dec Telford 21-9 Minny

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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Iowa Predictons/Discussion

    125 - McD Dec 3-0
    133 - Dardanes Dec 3-3
    141 - Marion Dec 3-6
    149 - Ness MD 7-6
    157 - Moore Dec 7-9
    165 - Evans Dec 7-12
    174 - Storley Dec 10-12
    184 - Steinhaus Dec 13-12
    197 - Yohn Dec 16-12
    HWT - Nelson Dec 19-12

    C. Yohn has not been impressive lately and Evans just kept Taylor to a 5 point win. I know you can't compare across wrestlers but Taylor pinned and TF'd Yohn with ease. Lots of close matches. Really the only matchup I wouldn't call a tossup is 184.
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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Iowa Predictons/Discussion

    125: McD DEC
    133: Ramos DEC
    141: Marion DEC
    149: Ness DEC
    157: Moore DEC
    165: Evans DEC
    174: Lofthouse DEC
    184: Steinhaus MDEC
    197: Yohn DEC
    HW: Nelson DEC

    18-13 Iowa
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    Default Re: Minnesota v. Iowa Predictons/Discussion

    Mcd hasn't been looking that sharp recently -maybe the cut is too much ??
    125-Sanders -on motor alone WBD
    133-Ramos WBD
    141-Marion WBD (although Pearsall made him work)
    149-Ness WBD
    157-Moore WBD
    165-Yohn WBD
    174-Storley WBD
    184-Steinhaus-WBD-Wagner has a lot of heart
    197-Yohn WBD
    285 Nelson WBD
    21-9 ??
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