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Thread: Predictions Iowa vs tOSU

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    Default Predictions Iowa vs tOSU

    Quinn said he was going to the Iowa-tOSU match because he wanted to see Ramos vs Stieber live. That should be a great match. How about starting picking results for the dual as a whole? Here are my picks:

    125--McDonough MD 4-0 Iowa
    133--Stieber Dec 4-3 (This is the match of the night--I go with Stieber in a close one)
    141--Stieber Dec 4-6 (This also could go either way. Marion hasn't looked as good this year as last year, and H Stieber is gettiing more experience each week)
    149--Kelly Dec 7-6 (Tessari has looked good so far, but I think Kelly is due for a good win)
    157--DSJ Dec 10-6 (If DSJ wrestles. If not, then I pick Demas)
    165--Evans Dec 13-6
    174--Heflin Dec 13-9 (This one also could go either way)
    184--Magrum Dec 13-12 (If Magrum wrestles. Otherwise I would go with Wagner)
    197--Campo Dec 13-15
    Hwt--Telford Dec 16-15 Iowa (I know Telford has lost 3 in a row, but don't think he loses this one)

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    Default Re: Predictions Iowa vs tOSU

    A lot of tossups in that one, should be a doozy

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    Default Re: Predictions Iowa vs tOSU

    People keep predicting close duals with Iowa. They're 1 for everything else. I guess we'll see.
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    Default Re: Predictions Iowa vs tOSU

    125--McDonough MD 4-0 Iowa (could very easily be a TF or a pin with the way Matt is looking right now)
    133--Ramos Dec 7-0 (Match of the night)
    141--Marion Dec 10-0 (Marion is a heavy favorite)
    149--Tessari Dec 10-3 (I still like Kelly even after his loss today and I think this will be close)
    157--DSJ Dec 13-3 (Unless he suffers a setback he will be wrestling)
    165--Evans MD 17-3 (He won't beat Taylor this weekend but the kid is starting to remind me of DSJ last year at this time. Looking very tough)
    174--Lofthouse Dec 20-3 (Ethan shows first signs of consistency)
    184--Magrum Dec 20-6 (Wagner is better than people think. The dude is a top 20 wrestler and I expect this to be close)
    197--Campo Dec 20-9 (Gambrall should take the rest of this year off. Freaking pathetic)
    Hwt--Telford Dec 23-9 Iowa (I still believe Bobby is destined for big things. He has to get that thing between his ears right)

    This reminds me a lot of the Nebraska dual. It isn't even going to be close
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    Default Re: Predictions Iowa vs tOSU

    You gave Iowa 3 points for Stieber's win in a close one?
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    Default Re: Predictions Iowa vs tOSU

    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    You gave Iowa 3 points for Stieber's win in a close one?

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    Default Re: Predictions Iowa vs tOSU

    McD WMD 3-0
    Ramos WBD 6-0
    Marion WBD 9-0
    Tessari WBD 9-3
    DSJ WBD 12-3
    Evans WBD 15-3
    Lofthouse WBD 18-3
    Magrum WBD 18-6(If Magrum isn't back Vinnie will win)
    Camp WBD 18-9
    Telford WBD 21-9

    Don't think it will be numerically close, however, it doesn't mean we won't get a lot of very exciting and "close" individual matches. 33 obviously is a coin flip. Hunter has been horrific of late, but if he flips the switch he can make things interesting for a very inconsistent Montell. If DSJ isn't back Demas will light up Nick Moore. Heflin obviously has a great shot against Ethen as well. Capone has looked nice at heavy and could give Bobby T some trouble.

    Should be an awesome dual and 133 alone will be worth the price of admission.
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    Default Re: Predictions Iowa vs tOSU

    I wonder if Telford will wrestle ? When you lose 4 in a row and Iowa has the defending big 10 champ on the bench you have to wonder.
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    Default Re: Predictions Iowa vs tOSU

    I think by pulling Telford Brands knows that would damage his confidence even more. Brands will be delicate in his approach with Bobby and we will see better performances soon. I think he hit the freshman wall that most hit and it will take time to break through it.

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