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Thread: Post Midlands/Southern Scuffle NCAA Team Predictions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herkey#1 View Post
    Herkey seems a little slow?...Only in a foot race, but Iowa will boat race the rest of the field at NCAA's. I'll go into more detail when I have more time.
    I'll go into more detail for you. Montel Marion will lead the team to victory...

    A boat race (Beer On A Table Race), is a drinking game between (usually) two teams of equal numbers. Rules vary widely but normally involve a team drinking in series and aiming to finish first. Common rules include those regulating the number and gender of drinkers, the vessels from which the liquid must be consumed and punishments for spilling. The game is common in some university cultures and appeared in the Broken Lizard movie Beerfest.
    A race begins with all competitors placing their drinks on a mutual table. When a referee begins the race, the first drinker on each team is allowed to pick up their drink and begin drinking. Once a beverage is consumed, the drinker must invert the empty vessel on their head. This is done to ensure no cheating occurs. The next team mate cannot touch his or her drink until this has occurred. Empty vessels must kept on the competitors head until the race is over.

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    Agree with Jensen, 197 for Minny is not even a question. Yohn has beat Schiller twice with Yohn is a 2 time AA and wrestling really well. With that being said Schiller is and will be solid for us next year after getting to roll around with Yohn for a couple years and getting to wrestle some of the best competition at his weight this year.

    133 is another story and I am a little intrigued to see how it plays out this year. Thorn and Dardanes are both very solid with Thorn beating Dardanes 1-0 in a head to head at the first tourney of the year for both guys.
    I am curious as to what Minnesota does next year with their lower weights???

    There is no way Thorn makes 125 but I am not sure about Dardanes? I doubt either can make the cut, but then again there are seemingly huge guys like Waters and Mcdonough down there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Yohn beat Schiller in the finals at 197 at the Bison Open and he placed higher than Schiller did this weekend, and he's only a 2x returning All American.

    The 197 spot isn't even close to being in question.
    I was saying kind of tongue in cheek, bringing up just the huge variables involved with calling any team a lock at NCAAs this early in the season.
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