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Thread: Chris Perry to 174?

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    Perry is a jolly soul.
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    Looks like this is all but confirmed with Perry not wrestling yesterday and not in the match notes for Wyoming today (McNeil is up at 184).

    Guessing he'll make his debut at 174 next weekend against Iowa which (in my mind anyway) swings that bout to Oklahoma State when Iowa would have been favored beforehand.
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    On another thread an OSU fan said that he felt Smith placed more emphasis on duals than the NCAA's. Smith's moving down to 174 just prior to the Iowa dual could be a reflection of that.

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    Falcon said John puts more stock in duals than regular season tournaments. No way this move is made if they didn't think this improved OSU's chances at NCAAs.

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    I would certainly have to think you're right on that Art.

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    I'm not sure it impacts the Iowa Okey st. match all that much.

    In my mind it just switches two decisions

    Loft WBD Mcneil
    Perry WBD Vinnie

    Perry WBD Loft
    Vinnie WBD McNeil

    Vinnie not a huge favorite, but I think he's got a good chance at winning.
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    McNeil has a much better chance of beating Wagner than he does of beating Lofthouse. It isn't a huge swing, but it doesn't hurt and I think Perry has improved his chances a lot for Nationals, current ranking aside.

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    These apparent beliefs of Smith's kind of throw me for a loop because (and I could never officially verify this) I recall just a few years ago on one of these forums that several people were saying that Smith sees everything prior to the NCAA's as "preseason," or something to that effect, and everything leading up to nationals doesn't matter that much.

    Anyone else recall this?
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    That still leaves a lot of debate for how to best prepare for nationals. It seems he has often held that Christmas is a good time for an extended training session. This year is one they will actually get less than the normal amount with these two duals happening. They are usually off from Reno until the Iowa dual or there about. With a small break for Christmas that still gives them about 10 days of two a days. Something that wouldn't happen with a trip to Midlands or Scuffle. I think especially now without a two day national duals and without a two day conference tournament he should rethink this.

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