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Thread: Hatchett out for year !

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    Default Hatchett out for year !

    According to SHP and intermat Hatchett is out for the year with a broken collarbone !!
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    That couldn't have happened BEFORE the end of the supp draft?
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    Boy, Lehigh is really taking their licks this year. Two very promising freshmen last year--Cagnini and Meys aren't wrestling for them for different reasons. Hatchett's now out for the season. I wonder if Rey isn't at least dinged since he didn't wrestle in the Midlands. Dutton's already battled an injury. Napoli is RS'ing (that's their choice). If they had had everyone wrestling that they could have had this year, they could have been high placers at NCAA's. Alas for Lehigh fans. They'll have to settle for some good individual performances.

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    Not to mention they don't really know what they are doing with Salupo who clearly looks superior to Rosser at 149.
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    It looks like they've burned Salupo's RS. It's not clear to me either why he isn't the definite starter. But his results haven't been very impressive so far this year.

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