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Discuss tOSU vs Minny 1/8/12 at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Exciting match on paper here is my take 125 Sanders vs Dijulius possible major for ...
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    Default tOSU vs Minny 1/8/12

    Exciting match on paper here is my take
    125 Sanders vs Dijulius possible major for UM 4 0
    133 Steiber evens it up 4 4
    141 marquee match 1 I like steiber 7 4 tOSU
    149 if Cam is back I like him but another swinger 10 4
    157 gotta give it to the olympian 10 7
    165 Yohn 10 10
    174 heflin gets us the lead 13 10
    184 possible bonus for minny 14 13
    197 camps first big win 16 14
    Hwt swing match 4 and my homerism cant stop 19 14 Bucks!

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    Default Re: tOSU vs Minny 1/8/12

    I'm going to say that Minnesota wins big

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    Default Re: tOSU vs Minny 1/8/12

    125 Sanders d 3-0 MN
    133 Steiber d Thorn 3-3
    141 Steiber d Dardanes 6-3 tOSU
    149 Ness d Tessari 6-6
    157 Deitchler/Ortiz d 9-6 MN
    165 Yohn d 12-6 MN
    174 Heflin d Storley 12-9 MN
    184 Steinhaus Md 15-9 MN
    197 Yohn d Camp 18-9 MN
    Hwt Nelson dec 21-9.

    Possibly 18-12 w a decision swing for OSU somewhere.
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    Default Re: tOSU vs Minny 1/8/12

    I'm not too far off of goferphan:

    125 Sanders MD 4-0 Minn
    133 Stieber Dec 4-3
    141 Stieber Dec 4-6
    149 Ness Dec 7-6
    157 Demas Dec 7-9 (I know Demas hasn't looked that good; I don't think Deitchler wrestles--if he does I pick him. But I think Demas beats Ortiz)
    165 Yohn Dec 10-9
    174 Heflin Dec 10-12 (I'm assuming he's healthy; he didn't compete in their last meet)
    184 Steinhaus MD 14-12
    197 Yohn Dec 17-12 (If the meet had been at tOSU I would have picked Camp)
    Hwt Nelson Dec 20-12 Minn

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    Default Re: tOSU vs Minny 1/8/12

    125-Sanders WBD Johnny will do what he does which is hold on to elbows and pray to God he can dump them. He's big enough that if the refs aren't wise right away he might be able to prevent a stall call and might even nab a TD. He has a pretty frustrating style to watch.
    133-Stieber WBD Thorn-I think Thorn has really looked better this year, don't see him being able to keep Logan at bay though I think he'll be able to score to a certain extent due to Logans wide open style
    141-Stieber WBD Dardanes. Not terribly confident but based on what they've done this year I think Hunter will get the W.
    149-Ness WBD Tessari-This could be a fun one. Cam has really impressed me this year and we all know about Dylans potential. I see an exciting 11-7 type of match.
    157-Demas WBD Zburg? Ortiz?-I think Josh would light up Ortiz on the feet, Zburg might make it a little tougher but I think Josh is the better guy either way
    165-Yohn wbd Garcia-Garcia isn't quite there yet.
    174-Heflin WBD Storley-I'll be excited to watch this because Storley has gotten a lot of hype.
    184-Steinhaus wbd Magrum-Magrums been alright this year, and I think he prevents bonus unless he struggles from bottom.
    197-Yohn wbd Camp-Camp is atrocious from bottom. Yohn refuses to lose.
    285-Nelson wbd Capone-If Capone can bring back some of his Vegas magic this might be interesting but that doesn't seem likely.
    Minny-18 TOSU-12
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