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    Are there any wrestling teams that actually turn a profit for their schools? If anyone did I'd imagine it'd be Iowa, Ok St, maybe Penn St recently. If anyone has a link to scools sports finances I'd love to see it. Thanks!

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    No Links that I have but I believe Minny supports it's own program. They draw well at home and on the road.
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    Very few ''minor'' programs even break even-Football( and the TV contracts) are the ultimate cash cow.
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    I know football is where the money is at...the last year in college football has certainly reinforced that fact.

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    I don't think any programs turn a profit. Some might not cost any money thanks to sport specific donations and endowments, but there just aren't enough events to turn a profit.

    Iowa, has 7 home events this year, OSU and Minnesota are $13 and others are $10. If they sold out CHA for every dual, they would make $1,178,000. They don't come close to this. They averaged 8,209 last season or a little over half full. So figure they are bringing in closer to $500,000. On the opposite side, on the other side they have coaches salaries, scholarships, equipment etc. They probably get fairly close, but do not turn a profit.

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