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Thread: A great big Thank you.

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    Goes out to the Women's National Wrestling Team.

    They were at the Iowa vs Illinois dual. They were sitting across the aisle from me and my 11 year old daughter. I asked Isabell if she wanted an autograph. (she was too scared to ask) So I went over and asked Ali Bernard if she would sign Isabell's shirt she signed it and passed it around and had the whole team sign. Later after the exhibition match Isabell was wanting Helen and Leigh's signature. At the break I asked one of the coach's(I didn't get his name he reffed the exhibition match). He was super; he looked through all the names and made sure everyone signed and they came over and introduced themselves to her and every single one of them asked Isabell If she wrestled; and then followed it up with why not? They were all great.
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    Awesome for you and your daughter.

    I've found wrestling people to be some of the most generous, humble and approachable people. We are lucky to follow such a great group of athletes.
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    Awesome, never know what that simple act of kindess will do. Special night for you and your daughter!

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    Pretty cool Wiltz.

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    I love to hear stories like that. Great for your daughter and it's good to hear that the US women's team is a class act.
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    That's sounds like a fantastic night, so good of the team to take the time to do that for your daughter!

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