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Thread: Minnesota 24 Central Michigan 9

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    Default Minnesota 24 Central Michigan 9

    Minnesota 24 Central Michigan 9
    ? Thread Started Today at 9:26pm ?
    125-Zach Sanders (Minn) tech Joe Roth (CMU) 25-9
    133-David Thorn (Minn) dec Christian Cullinan (CMU) 5-4
    141-Nick Dardanes (Minn) dec Scott Mattingly (CMU) 8-5
    149-Dylan Ness (Minn) dec Joey Kielbasa (CMU) 7-1
    157-Alec Ortiz (Minn) dec Jared Porter (CMU) 5-2
    165-Cody Yohn (Minn) dec Mike Ottinger (CMU) 2-1
    174-Anthony Bill (CMU) dec Steven Avalos (Minn) 10-4
    184-Ben Bennett (CMU) dec Kevin Steinhaus (Minn) 2-1
    197-Sonny Yohn (Minn) maj Chad Friend (CMU) 21-7
    285-Peter Sturgeon (CMU) dec Tony Nelson (Minn) 6-4
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    Nice wins for both Bennett and Sturgeon.

    Sturgeon has been pretty much lights out since he arrived at CMU this year.
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    Is it safe to say at this point JD might be having concussion issues again? I doubt Ortiz is beating him in the wrestling room, I doubt he's having weight issues and lord knows he needs the mat time.
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    I'm going to guess that JD's wrestling career is over. I have no info because as you know the coaches never reveal anything, but considering the struggles he's had to overcome the concussion issues this may be the final straw.

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