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Thread: Purdue Escapes

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    Default Purdue Escapes

    Purdue 19 Northern Illinois 15
    ? Thread Started Yesterday at 11:34pm ?
    125-Nick Smith (NIU) fall Luke Schroeder (Pur) 4:22
    133-Matt Fields (Pur) dec Robert Jillard (NIU) 9-2
    141-Kevin Fanta (NIU) dec Jake Fleckenstein (Pur) 7-3
    149-Nick Lawrence (Pur) dec Tyler Argue (NIU) 3-1SV
    157-Tommy Churchard (Pur) dec Sam Bennett (NIU) 6-0
    165-Kyle Mosier (Pur) maj Dan Burk (NIU) 10-0
    174-Drake Stein (Pur) dec Caleb Busson (NIU) 9-3
    184-Brad Dieckhaus (NIU) dec Braden Atwood (Pur) 6-1
    197-Mike Lukowski (NIU) dec Justin Dinius (Pur) 7-2
    285-Roger Vukobratovich (Pur) dec Jared Torrance (NIU) 4-3TB
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    Default Re: Purdue Escapes

    I had a feeling Kissel would be out again
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    Default Re: Purdue Escapes

    It's actually a bigger indictment of NIU - Purdue was, what, without their FOUR best starters?

    Nice win for Fanta at 141

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