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Discuss 2009 157 Class at the College Wrestling within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I was just watching some videos from a few years ago and saw Burroughs piss-pounding ...
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    I was just watching some videos from a few years ago and saw Burroughs piss-pounding gillespie in the Semis.

    I think most of us would agree that the 2008 149 weight class was probably the most stacked of all time (or at least the last several decades) and that 157 of 09 didn't have the same level of overall depth. However the top end of the weight was pretty extraordinary, with two undefeated wrestlers and two with one loss each

    One thing I noticed was that Burroughs beat no less than THREE returning NCAA champs that year enroute to winning his first title. (Schlatter at the UNO open, Leen at the scuffle, and Gillespie in the semis). I'm wondering what other wrestlers have accomplished a feet like that?
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    Very interesting, LoST. I would be very interested to hear if anyone else knows of a feat like that. It's pretty darn rare to even have 3 returning NCAA champs all at the same weight class (and that obviously didn't include Burroughs himself). I would think if someone else duplicated the feat of beating 3 returning NCAA champs in one season he would have to have moved up a weight at some point to do so. But I don't know of a more stacked weight class than that 2008 149 class. Wow! We've been through the guys and titles before so won't repeat that here.

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    the match with Leen at the CK was an instant classic . I still think Leen may have won that had they not went off the mat and messed up the TV equipment. Gave Burroughs a 5 minute breather just when Leen was on fire.
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