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Thread: UVA v. Virginia Tech Live Blog

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    UVA struck me as a team only looking for counters and didn't really initiate much offense.

    I don't see much upside for them personally. VT is young and aggressive, if Dresser can get them to peak at the right time they could have a very nice year.
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    After viewing the video I'll stick wih my assessment.

    At the Ohio state meets I would put my binoculars on Ty Mitch and time him. As a junior he went out to a 2-0 lead in all of his matches in under 5 seconds.

    As a senior, against Jordan-coached, and now teammate Brascetta, it took him a full 6 seconds to get that first TD in the final.

    Hopefully this bout was a "match-up" thing and represents a "coachable" moment.
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    Futrell looked pretty comfortable with his double against Oliver .
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