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Thread: Keystone Classic Finals Match Ups

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    Mele looked okay at 125 yesterday but other than that, yes, they appear to be "down".
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    Mele is wrestling VERY well, Friedly is not , munster is NOT Jury is still out on McMullen .i believe NW is a top 20 team yet has no legit chance at a Big 10 nor NCAA title .
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    Quote Originally Posted by LoSt View Post
    Is it just me or does northwestern kind of stink? A lot of their guys have been hyped up and they all seem extremely average thus far (friedly, munster, mccmullan, ect). Of course that might be a side effect of listening to Viratas, since he has a massive hardon for northwestern wrestling
    I wasn't huge on Friedley, but Munster and McMullan haven't been what I thought they were going to be yet.
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    Friedley is really good on top and pretty suspect on this feet. Goes for lots of big moves & scrambles, similar to the kid from U of I at 141 whose names is escaping me right now that didn't make weight at Big Tens.

    I still find it quite weird that Munster went down this year, wrestling 15 pounds less than he did in high school. Was strictly at 184 last year as well, perhaps he's getting adjusted to the weight.

    Actually a little shocked we haven't seen any big wins from Colin Shober yet at 141 - ain't he Pennsylvania's all time wins leader?

    It's such a young team those that it's too early to panic. So young...

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