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    Major tournament going on and not even a discussion thread? Cmon people...

    165 seems like one of the strongest brackets to me. No AA standout guys but several really tough wrestlers in the semis
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    Some reason I had thought it was tomorrow.

    Brackets are updated on the Cornell site as of 15 minutes ago.

    125: Nic Bedelyon v. Max Soria, Frank Perrelli v. Robert Rehm
    133: Jordan Thome v. Matt Nelson, Chris Dardanes v. Nick Wilcox
    141: Matt Bonson v. Tyler Small, Mike Nevinger v. Frank Cimato
    149: Donnie Vinson v. Steve Santos, Ian Miller v. Owen Wilkinson
    157: Kyle Dake v. Jake Kemmerer, Jedd Moore v. Frank Hickman
    165: Joe Booth v. Ross Tice, Mark Lewandowski v. Nick Sulzer
    174: Billy Coggins v. Brandon Johnson, Billy George v. Mike Dessino
    184: Steve Bosak v. Fred Garcia, Jon Fausey v. Nate Schiedel
    197: Cam Simaz v. Ryan Malo, Scott Schiller v. Keith Witt
    285: Kyle Frey v. Zac Walsh, Nick Gwiazdowski v. Ethan Hayes

    Better looking tournament from what it was last year.
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    Semis are starting, live audio at TOM Live Bodybar 2011?|?The Open Mat
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    Flo is reporting Cam has been injured and has injury-defaulted out of the tournament. He had to be helped off the mat. No further details at this time.
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    -Simaz injury defaults out-from Cornell's twitter
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    Sounds like it was a bad hamstring/ankle injury of some sort. Cam couldn't support his own weight and was in pain
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    I wish Lange had traveled. I'd like to see him against Nevinger. Lange is long, lean, and funky. He lost to Nick D 10-11 on rt at the Bison.
    Too bad Simaz defaulted cause a Schiller finals would have added fuel to the fire on the Minny boards.

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    Final results

    1. Cornell: 186.5
    2. Kent State: 150
    3. Virginia: 126.5

    125: Nic Bedelyon dec Frank Perrelli 9-4
    133: Jordan Thome dec Chris Dardanes 9-8
    141: Tyler Small dec Mike Nevinger 8-4
    149: Ian Miller dec Steve Santos 10-9
    157: Kyle Dake dec Frank Hickman 3-2
    165: Joe Booth dec Mark Lewandowksi 3-1
    174: Billy George dec Brandon Johnsonn 7-6 TB2
    184: Steve Bosak dec Jon Fausey 2-0
    197: Ryan Malo dec Scott Schiller 10-6
    285: Kyle Frey dec Nick Gwiazdowski 5-2
    RIP Jacob Schlottke - 1984-2011

    "If Cornell finishes ahead of Iowa with five all americans I'll jump into the Des Moines River after finals." -Herkey#1 8/16/12

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    Hickman wrestling really tough this year.
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